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A few days ago, I went to the pre-Mother’s Day event and Baby Shower of Ford Philippines. I was told that I can bring another Mommy friend to the event so I asked Denise of Bebengisms to come along. Enjoy na enjoy ako sa blog posts niya kaya naisip ko siguradong masaya kasama ang Queen of Bekiness. True enough, there was never a dull moment. Haha!

Photo from Ford Philippines Facebook Page

Halata bang enjoy na enjoy kami mag chikahan? 😀 Our chikahan started from the time Queen B entered the car up until we parted ways. No wonder we have super duper talkative kids! Mana-mana lang daw eh.

Moving on to the event.

We arrived at Chef Rodriquez’s residence a little before 10 in the morning. After our quick chika moment in the car, we went into the house and was warmly greeted by the organizers.

The first part of the event was a talk by Ms. Anika of Ford. She discussed road safety and how Ford can make the whole driving experience comfortable and safe especially for expecting moms. Her talk really made me want to get a Ford Focus, ha! Features like the Active City Stop, hands-free parking and secure points for the kids’ car seats are perfect for moms who are always on the go.

Ms. Anika

Mommies, if you are expecting, you still need to put the seat belt on. Just make sure that the belt does not go across your tummy, but below it. You also have to recline the seat a bit further to give space for your growing belly. If back pain is a problem, you can put a rolled towel between the seat and your lower back. It is also important to take driving breaks. The best and safest thing to do, however, is to be the passenger instead of the driver.

After the talk, we went outside to test the Ford Focus.

The demonstration really sold the Ford Focus to me. In fact, I inquired about the price and texted Daddy A. Haha! But of course, this will have to wait until we get our budget straight. But mothers, if you are thinking of buying a car, this is it!

After trying out the features of Ford Focus, we went back in for the cooking demo of Chef Jacq. We were taught how to prepare a healthy maki, which is pretty easy pala.

It was almost lunch then so I was more than willing to try the maki that Denise made. It looked funny, but what the hell. Haha! I’m sure naman masarap, diba mother? Unfortunately, they didn’t serve the maki made by the mommies.

I love, love, love the Chicken Yakitori and Angus Steak! I wanted to get more, but I had no space left in my tummy. Kung pwede lang take out eh! 😀

Lunch with the Mommies
Photo from Ford Philippines Facebook Page

After lunch and loads of kwentuhan and photo opps with the Mommies, Denise and I agreed to go home. However, before leaving, Ford gave us gifts. Yes, gifts.

They gave us souvenirs…

Mother’s Day cupcakes…

…and a car seat from Chicco!

The last gift was truly a surprise! Saktong-sakto dahil naghahanap na rin kami ng car seat para sa aming baby boy na sumasama na sa galaan.

Thank you for inviting me, Ford Philippines!

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