My Manila Hotel Tour: Mabuhay Palace

My Manila Hotel Tour
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The fourth stop of our tour was the Mabuhay Palace. Experience luxury dining and immerse your taste buds in authentic Cantonese cuisine as you are given a peek of China through Mabuhay Palace’s Neo-Classical interiors. I love how the restaurant is filled with bright hues of red, orange and gold. But, what truly got my attention were the hand-crafted jade panels that narrate the tale of Confucius.

manila hotel mabuhay palace

Mabuhay Palace serves lunch (Monday to Sunday, 11AM to 3:00PM) and dinner (Monday to Sunday, 6:00PM to 10:00PM). Aside from lunch and dinner, the restaurant also has smaller function halls that may be rented for meetings and events. The halls can cater up to 80 persons.

manila hotel mabuhay palace

I did not get a good shot of the whole function hall (sorry), but I can say that it is a pretty good venue for intimate gatherings like Baptismal lunches, intimate wedding receptions, and birthday parties. As for the food, I have yet to try the cuisine.

This is part 4 of my five-part series on the My Manila Hotel Tour. Read my other posts about the tour here.

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