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World’s #1MOMS Receive a Surprise Treat From Their Families and Nido Fortified

(Belated) Happy Mother’s Day to all my mommy readers! I hope you all had a wonderful day with your families. 🙂 I spent Mother’s Day weekend with my family in Tagaytay. It was quite an adventure! I will write about that in another post, though. For today, I am sharing the advanced Mother’s Day celebration that my husband and kids orchestrated with Nido Fortified.

Last May 3, I was invited by Nido Fortified for a Mother’s Day sparty at BlueWater Day Spa Greenhills. Since I was feeling sick for a couple of days already, I told Arjay that maybe I should just stay at home and rest. He got really upset when I said that so I ended up crying. Hahaha! Hello, I was super dizzy and vomiting and he got upset because I wanted to rest! He later on apologized and told me that maybe a massage will make me feel better. So I stood up and made my way to the car. Luckily, I survived the trip without vomiting – thanks to all the candies I gobbled up.

Upon arrival at BlueWater Day Spa, I was greeted by the staff and escorted into a huge cinema-like area where all the other moms were being pampered while watching Friends With Kids on a huge screen. I immediately got cozy in one of the chairs and enjoyed the foot spa plus foot, back, and head massage.

Nido Fortified Wear Your Love
Sparty at BlueWater Day Spa – That’s Denise of enjoying the movie and a relaxing massage. 🙂

Once the movie was over, people from Nido Fortified asked us to go outside. They started handing out blindfolds and told us to wear them. We were then asked to board vehicles. After a few minutes’ drive, we were again escorted out of the vans and into a building. They lined us up and were told to remove our blindfolds. Low and behold, our children were standing in front of us with a flower each and a shirt with their Mother’s Day message behind each of them.

Nido Fortified Wear Your Love

Nido Fortified Wear Your Love

Husbands showered us with confetti and together with the kids they greeted us a happy Mother’s Day. It was a heart-warming surprise seeing my little girl standing in front of me with a flower. I had no idea she can already take part and pull off such a surprise. ♥ The funny part was when I carried her, she gave me the flower and said, “Happy birthday, Mommy!” then kissed me. Haha!

The NIDO FORTIFIED “Wear Your Love” Mother’s Day initiative successfully encouraged thousands of kids to declare their heart-warming messages through customized shirts. With the help of dads and other family members, kids answered the question “What makes your mom #1?” at “Each shirt represents the love and appreciation of a kid and the family for their mother. And what better way to celebrate Mother’s Day than to let moms wear their family’s love?” shared Chua. “We are happy to help create new memories by re-affirming bonds between moms and their loved ones through these one-of-a-kind shirts that go even beyond Mother’s Day.”

The Princess answered (with the help of Daddy Arjay, of course!): “#1MOM BECAUSE SHE ALWAYS SINGS LET IT GO WITH ME.” That’s true ha! I always sing with her every time she asks me to – even if I’m busy with work, driving, or taking a shower. 😀 Arjay said The Princess gave that answer herself when he asked her why she thinks mommy is the best.

Nido Fortified Wear Your Love

After the surprise, all the families had lunch together at Uncle Cheffy’s. I wanted to enjoy the food. Unfortunately, with a bad stomach, I only got to try a few bites. Arjay said the Chicken Barbecue is super yummy. I shall try that when we dine at Uncle Cheffy’s next time! 😀

Do you want to surprise your mom too? You can also get free Wear Your Love shirts by purchasing specially marked packs of Nido Fortified or Nido 3+ from SM North Edsa, SM MOA, SM Megamall, and selected Puregold branches in Metro Manila. To redeem the shirt, present your receipt and stickers to the Bench store located in the SM branch where you made your purchase or at the Customer Service counter of the Puregold branch you bought the milk from. Redemption period is from May 3-31, 2014. For more details visit

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  1. Mary Joy

    belated happy mother’s day kim! =)

  2. I still can’t construct an article for this because I’m still overwhelmed after watching the video. I truly felt special this day. Minsan lang ito, kaya siguro na-upset si Arjay. Hahaha! 🙂

    1. Kim Reyes

      Sabi niya kasi ilang weeks na nila nai-plan yun tapos di ako pupunta. Malay ko ba! Hahaha.

      1. Kaya nga. Haha! Si Rham nga buti nakauwi kahit super busy niya sa schooling. Yun pala kasi kawawa daw ako ‘pag hindi sila pumunta ni Pia.

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