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O Shopping Best Buy: Coocan Multi Grill

If you ask the minis what mommy and daddy’s favorite TV show is, both will most likely teasingly sing, “O… O… O Shopping!” It’s hilarious, but it’s true! 😀 On nights we can’t sleep, we turn the television to the O Shopping channel and we eagerly wait for them to feature products we need at home. We hit the jackpot when we chanced upon the O Shopping Coocan Grill feature.

Seriously, this is one of our best buys from our TV shopping adventures so far–and we’ve bought a lot of things already: our paint spray (which we used to paint our room and was then borrowed by my in laws to paint their house), our egg roll maker, and many more.

What we love about the O Shopping Coocan Grill

The Coocan Multi Grill (priced at Php 2,995.00) makes grilling hassle-free. Forget about getting coals to heat up and inhaling the nasty smoke they produce because the O Shopping Coocan Grill uses electricity to grill food AND has a 3-layer smoke and smell prevention technology that allows you to use the grill indoors.

Yes! We use it inside our condo with no problems of smoke or smell filling up our tiny home. Steam just comes out from the Coocan Multi Grill’s vent and that’s it.

Since we also like renting AirBNBs for our family get aways and prefer hosting get togethers at home or at a friend’s house, we prefer a griller that’s easy to bring with us. We used to have a huge griller, which was super hard to take with us during our small parties. But the Coocan Multi Grill? It’s so easy for us to bring it anywhere because of its compact design. So when we have get togethers or we rent a house for an out of town staycation, we just box up our grill and put it in the trunk of our car.

O Shopping Coocan Grill - Smoke and Smell Prevention Feature
Photo from O Shopping

What’s more is that it’s equipped with upper and lower heating coils for evenly cooked food. It should be noted, too, that it comes with a timer so you can just put the food inside, set the time and leave it to cook on its own. This is so helpful especially in the mornings when I have to prepare my kids’ school lunch and, at the same time, help them get ready for school. I just put the food inside first thing in the morning, leave it, then take it out when it’s cooked.

O Shopping Coocan Grill - Double Coil Technology
Photo from O Shopping

Try it yourself!

I know it’s a quite pricey, but I can say that the value is worth it. It’s durable (we’ve had ours for over a year and it’s still working like brand new), it’s really handy to have at home (again, great for preparing baon), and it’s compact enough for out of town trips or get togethers. We’ve used our Coocan Multigrill to grill steak, chicken, and seafood (Salmon, Shrimp, Stuffed Bangus, etc)–all came out perfectly cooked!

Want one? You can buy online through the O Shopping website or call them up at 877-3500. You can purchase via Cash On Delivery (this is what we did) or pay using your credit card.

P.S. This is not a sponsored post. We just love this product so much, we think it should be shared with everyone! 😉

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