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8 shocking facts about germs you probably didn’t know

What soap do you use to protect yourself and your family from nasty germs? It’s the rainy season again and all parents know that it’s that time of the year when kids and adults alike are likely to catch some sort of virus, like the flu.

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To prevent sick days (because who wants to go through that!), I make sure I use only the best germ protection products in the market–hand sanitizers, surface cleaners, and the most basic: soap.

If you think you can protect your family from diseases by using any kind of soap, think again. Wherever you go, bacteria abounds–and these bacteria causes not just malodour, but also skin infection and diseases such as diarrhea, cough, and colds. Yikes!

These 8 shocking facts about germs will make you think twice if your germ-killing products can really protect you:

1. The number of bacteria that live in and on us outnumber our own human cells by ten to one.

2. Common cold, flu and stomach viruses can live on the fingertips for hours and can survive on the surfaces of objects for days.

3. 80% of all infections, from the common cold and flu to venereal disease and Ebola fever, are transmitted by people touching one another or touching objects that others have touched.

4. A shopping cart can contain more fecal E. Coli than a supermarket toilet.

5. One study found that in schools, water fountain buttons, pencil sharpeners, keyboards and faucet handles were the most contaminated objects with viruses.

6. Phones have been found to have up to 4200 bacteria from fecal contamination. Safe drinking water should have less than 1 bacteria per 100ml.

7. In an environment as humid as a bathroom, a single bacterial cell can multiply into one billion cells overnight.

8. When someone comes to work sick, about half of the commonly touched surfaces in the office will become infected with the virus by lunchtime.

Disturbing? You bet! These 8 facts are exactly why I’ve made sure that we keep our surroundings clean and that we use the right kind of soap that can eliminate germs effectively. The tricky part is that not all soaps are created equal and experts have demonstrated that not all soaps are effective in killing germs and preventing their regrowth.

So what do we use? Safeguard, of course! I’ve been using this since I was a kid so I brought it with me when I had my own family.

Safeguard with Germshield+ technology can fight a broad spectrum of gram positive and gram-negative bacteria and fungi, preventing more types of sickness, malodour, and skin infection. Moreover, Germshield+ technology inhibits the regrowth of these bacteria and fungi for up to 24 hours, thereby providing optimal protection.

Safeguard is your partner in protecting your family from germs.

For over 50 years in the Philippines, Safeguard has been recommended by the leading health experts for germ protection for the entire family. Encouraging proper hygiene, frequent hand washing, and the use the Safeguard will make your job as protector of the family easier and more effective.

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