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5 Rainy Weather Must Haves for Stress-free School Days

Have your kids started going to school? My little girl has been attending school for two years going on three this year and I know how bringing the kids to school can be a challenge especially with the rainy weather! You have to keep them from getting drenched, keep their uniforms clean from mud splashes, etc.

Rainy Weather Must Haves - Mom Blog Philippines - Mom On Duty

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Now that she’s on her third year going to school and my son is starting his first year in August, I’ve made sure that I’m prepared for battle when the rainy weather comes for us.

Here are my 5 must have items for stress-free school days during typhoon season:

1. Go Bags

My daughter’s school required us to prepare a “Go Bag” for them and we’ve implemented it in our own home as well. We have a family go bag at home and a go bag inside the car. This bag has the following items inside:

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • First Aid Kit (include maintenance medications if any)
  • Clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Flashlight
  • Matches or a Lighter
  • Small battery-powered radio (or a phone with a radio)

How much should you put into your Go Bag? About 72 hours worth of survival needs.

2. Kids Boots

One thing I never bought, but will definitely buy this school year are kids boots. It’s so stressful when the kids’ shoes get wet in the rain (they get extra grumpy!) so it’s good to have these in the car to replace their usual school shoes. You can just pack their school shoes in a waterproof bag then have them wear kids boots on the way to their school.

It’s so hard to find kids boots that do their job in protecting our little ones’ feet and are stylish. BUT, after some searching, I found the perfect pair of Kids’ Rain Boots at S&R:

Kids Boots - Mom Blog Philippines - Mom On Duty

They also have stylish rain boots for adults so head over to the nearest S&R to check out their rainy weather deals!

3. Raincoat for Kids

Another rainy weather must have for us are raincoats. Again, this is what I did not buy in the last two years because I thought all I needed was an umbrella. Well, I was wrong. If you want to keep your kid’s uniform from getting drenched, add extra cover aside from your umbrella and buy ’em a raincoat as well.

I found some really cute raincoats at Lazada. Animal prints? The kids will definitely love those!

4. Umbrellas

Of course, you absolutely cannot forget to have an umbrella with you during the rainy weather. My kids love the Peanuts Movie so I was so excited to see Peanuts-themed umbrellas in S&R. I also bought a Star Wars-themed one for the husband!

Umbrellas for the Rainy Weather - Mom Blog Philippines - Mom On Duty

5. Portable Mobile Charger or Power Bank

Living in Rizal, heavy rain and flooding are not new to us. Although we live in an area that doesn’t get flooded (thankfully), there are areas we pass that are prone to flooding.

Since I drive the minis to school myself, it’s important for me to always have a way to communicate with my husband in case we get stuck somewhere or if there’s an emergency; hence my mobile phone needs to be charged at all times. A portable mobile charger or power bank is something that will be very useful during these times.

Aside from using my phone for communication, having a mobile phone is a good way to check for flood information and flood warnings. Just follow your local government’s social accounts for updates.

If you have extra budget, having an Indoor Power Station at home would come in handy as well. You can buy one from S&R at a discounted price (only this June).

Portable Charging Station - Mom Blog Philippines - Mom On Duty

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