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Daddy A is almost always not around because of his work, which is why I am alone with the kids most of the time. When I need to go out to buy stuff at the grocery store or attend an event, I usually leave The Minis with their grandparents or our babysitter (Yes! We actually found someone who’s willing to babysit the kids for a few hours at a time — more on this in another post) then I head over to where I need to go. And since I haven’t renewed my license, I just commute.

Daddy A is extremely overprotective. He doesn’t like the idea of me commuting unless he’s with me or someone he trusts will commute with me. I totally understand where he’s coming from with all the crimes going on nowadays–you know how it is when Christmas is approaching! And the target? Solo commuters.

The good thing is that technology has caught up with the personal safety needs of individuals. We now have apps that can track a user and alert authorities if the person is in danger. One of my recent discoveries is React Mobile. This is a free iPhone and Android personal safety app that allows user-selected contacts to track his/her whereabouts in real time.

Personal Safety App Real Time Tracking

There’s more! When the user feels like he/she is in danger, he/she can just press the SOS shield to send a panic alert with a link to his/her GPS location. The alert will be sent to selected contacts through a text message or email and can also be shared on Facebook or Twitter.

Once the alert is triggered, the app then automatically dials the number of the appropriate emergency authority that the user can set up according to his/her location.

React Mobile - SOS

Nice, right? This is definitely something that moms should have on their phone. If your child has a phone as well, be sure to download this app on your kid’s phone, too. Just one tap can save a life!

Here’s the app’s overview video to give you an idea of how it works:

Download the app on your iPhone here or on your Android here. For more information, visit React Mobile’s website at

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