A Peek at the Urban Fire Olympics

Region 4 Fire Olympics

Last week, the Bureau of Fire Protection of Taytay Rizal (headed by no other than Daddy A – good job, Arjay!) with the support of the Local Government and Barangay Fire Brigades, held the first ever Mini Fire Olympics in the Municipality of Taytay, Rizal. Unfortunately, because of the minis’ excitement, I forgot to bring the camera with us. Haha! But that’s okay. Without a camera, I was able to enjoy the whole event without having to run around to document everything. 😀

The aim of the mini fire olympics is to showcase the skills of each Barangay Fire Brigade, and at the same time, to build teamwork and strengthen camaraderie with each other. I’m happy to say that the goal of the event was reached since all Barangay Fire Brigades within the municipality really prepared for the fire olympics. As a result, everyone did well! Moreover, I love that there was no sense of negative competitiveness among the participants.

Yesterday, it was the turn of the whole of Region 4 to showcase their fire fighting skill in the Urban Fire Olympics. I was surprised to see that most of participants in the events are women! #girlpower I guess the point was to show that female firefighters have the same capabilities as the men.

Region 4 Fire Olympics
Female firefighters in the ‘Saving Private Ryan’ event

Present in the fire olympics are Barangay Fire Brigade representatives from different cities and municipalities. One of their events was the Bucket Relay.

Region 4 Fire Olympics

There were also teams from industrial plants in Region 4. Their event included quickly putting out fire with the use of fire extinguishers, which is very important in industrial plants. The catch is before they reach the base of fire, they have to go through an obstacle course which tested the participants’ strength and agility.

Region 4 Fire Olympics Region 4 Fire Olympics

All in all, it was a day that everyone enjoyed. It was a chance to not only showcase the skill of firefighters and fire brigades, but also an opportunity for fellowship. I wish we brought the minis with us to this event! Next year.

Kimberley Reyes

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  1. Rae

    I thought parang fire fighting competition, close, or parang fire show. Hahaha. This looks fun.

    1. Kim Reyes

      Well, it is a competition and also sort of a show- so you’re right. Haha! It’s fun! There’s one for NCR-based fire stations, I’m just not sure when (or if it’s over). They usually hold it at the Luneta Grand Stand, in case you want to watch. 🙂

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