The Little Man Is Two Months Old!

The Little Man turned two months today. He has grown unbelievably fast!

The 0-3 months clothes we bought don’t fit him anymore. When he’s in his overalls, he can no longer stretch his legs; and his shirts that used to be oversized now look like muscle shirts. 😀

He can turn to his side now. But I think I’ve mentioned that before. He has also discovered his voice. He now makes cooing sounds and smiles at us when we talk to him. He likes watching his mobile go round and round, too.

Mom On Duty

And the best part is, his sleep pattern has improved! He sleeps longer hours now – unlike before when he’d wake up almost every hour to nurse.

His relationship with his big sister has improved too. Our little girl seems to understand now that she is a big sister and that it’s her job to help Mommy take care of the little one.

Mom On Duty

I can count on The Princess to help me feed The Little Man from the bottle. She’s also always by my side when we change his nappy. Her task is to give Mommy clean cotton balls and a new diaper when it’s changing time. And when we’re done cleaning him up, she throws the dirty nappy and puts his clothes in the laundry bag.


Kimberley Reyes

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