She’s a baby no more!

Kelly is almost 15 months old and she’s getting smarter and smarter by the day. I often feel like she’s growing up too fast.

She knows how to say a lot of words now…



“Tati!” (Tita/Aunt)

“No more!”




 …and many more. Just today, she uttered the words, “Happy, happy botday!” while watching her favorite show — Hi5.

Aside from talking and talking and talking, Kelly also enjoys singing and dancing. She’s been singing and dancing along Hi5 songs every single day. She also likes to draw — practically on everything.

That’s my little rascal saying, “Happy, happy botday!”

After a lot of practice, Kelly finally learned to eat with a spoon on her own. We’ve been teaching her how to eat on her own for months already, but she was having a hard time controlling her hand. Today, though, she ate with a spoon — mess-free!

She can also drink a glass of water on her own without spilling. I’m a proud Mommy!

But I think the sweetest part is that she somewhat knows now that she has a little brother/sister growing inside my tummy. She keeps talking to my tummy in an excited tone then kisses it after their “talk.” Funny thing is, the baby moves while Ate Kelly is talking to her.

Kimberley Reyes

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