Starbucks’ new Salted Caramel Mocha Frapuccino

If you follow me on Twitter or if we are friends on Facebook, you’ve probably seen my constant complaints about not being able to drink coffee. I apologize for that. You see, it is very difficult for me not to consume even one cup of that bitter-sweet caffeine-filled drink. Four years in Ateneo made me extremely dependent on it; blame it on our papers and examinations that lasted the whole night (no kidding).
BUT, since I’m pregnant, I have learned to control my coffee addiction by going for alternative drinks. For instance, when we eat out, I’d go for fresh fruit juice or just plain water. Sometimes, I give myself a break and get myself a cream-based frapuccino.
Where is this blog post going?
I actually wanted to talk about Starbucks’ new Salted Caramel Mocha Frapuccino. I’m not a fan of mocha-flavored drinks so I let Daddy A order their new drink while I went for the usual: Caramel Cream Frapuccino. I did take a small sip from his cup so I can write about it. 😀
The Salted Caramel Mocha Frapuccino has this strong sweet-and-salty caramel-y taste (which I liked), but had this mocha-ish after taste (which I didn’t like). Daddy A liked the drink though and was super happy when he saw one of the baristas going around with free samples of the new drink.
He took one cup for him and let Kelly get one cup for herself. Yes, we sometimes let Kelly have a drink when we go to Starbucks. We couldn’t complain how hyper she got after finishing her fill. It was, anyway, due to our own doing. Cool thing is, the lucky girl won a voucher with the cup she chose! Yey for Kelly!
I’m not a huge fan of their new Salted Caramel Mocha Frapuccino, but it could just be because it doesn’t fit my taste. A, although he liked it, said he’d rather have a cup of Caramel Frapuccino instead of that.
Have you tried Starbucks’ new drink? What’s your verdict?

Kimberley Reyes

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