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The Convenience of Propane Delivery

Running out of propane is frustrating and dangerous and can derail your summer plans. With auto propane delivery from Cynch, you can put the worry behind you and save time with convenient, reliable refills on your schedule.

Propane home delivery uses your previous usage patterns and current weather conditions to anticipate your propane needs and deliver a tank before you run out. Here are some of the benefits:

You Don’t Have To Go Outside

If you’re a propane delivery customer, the company will keep track of your usage and automatically deliver fuel when your tank is near empty. This saves you from forgetting to call for a delivery or running out of propane. It also helps to avoid costly damages to your home and inconvenience.

Propane companies don’t want you to run out of gas because it can be costly and risky for them. They may even be liable if you do so and it causes damage to your property. Regular customers are often eligible for price breaks and discounts on their deliveries.

Most people who use propane in their homes have a large storage tank on the property. These tanks can either be rented or owned by the propane company, and they usually need to be refilled regularly to prevent them from running empty. If you choose a company that offers automatic propane delivery, they will have a computer system that keeps track of your tank level and knows when to make a delivery.

You Can Lock In Your Prices

Many propane delivery companies will offer a price lock for an annual fee. This will cap your propane costs so you can better budget for them. These programs are usually offered during the summer when propane prices are lower.

Propane is a commodity like other resources, and prices often rise during the winter due to demand. When you sign up for automatic deliveries, your propane company will come to your home regularly to fill your tank before it gets too low and the pressure changes.

You can also ask your propane company to itemize your bill so that you can be sure that no extra fees are being charged. It doesn’t feel fun to question the items on an account, but it is important to avoid getting stuck paying more than you should. You may also find that your propane company has special deals and discounts for certain professions, seniors, or other categories of consumers.

You Can Get Preferred Customer Benefits

Getting regular propane deliveries means your company will get to know you and your household’s usage. This helps them predict better when you’ll need a delivery, greatly benefiting will-call customers who must schedule their deliveries. They may also offer preferred customer benefits, such as credit for extra gallons or other free services, to those who stick with them over the long haul.

It’s common for homeowners to lose track of time during the summer and then realize they’re running low on propane when it starts to get chilly. If you choose a full-service provider, they’ll come to your house to top off your tank far before you run out.

Propane is a versatile product with numerous uses for homes and businesses, from heating to cooking and equipment fueling. If you’re looking for a convenient way to enjoy all the benefits of propane, consider signing up for automatic deliveries with your local supplier today!

You Can Get Your Tank Filled While Your Business Is Closed

Propane companies want to keep you warm, and they don’t like it when your tank gets close to empty. They don’t want to pay a driver overtime for a midnight delivery, and they want to avoid liability if you run out of propane and damage your home.

If you prefer to monitor your usage, you can deliver your propane on a will-call basis and only call when your tank gets low. This works well for part-time occupants and can save money since propane prices fluctuate wildly.

However, if you’re on a will-call plan and allow your tank to get too low, the propane company may charge you an extra fee for an emergency or off-route delivery. This is known as an “RC Charge” or Regulatory Compliance Charge, and it’s just what the propane company does to cover its costs of complying with regulations.

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