Three months to go! {Wedding Updates}

Oh my! It’s already June and I just realized that we are three months away from our Church wedding. No wonder I’m beginning to panic… and have nightmares about the big day. Will my dress look nice? Will I look beautiful?! Will the guests come (I had a dream that none of the guests came!)? Will the food taste good? How will the venue look?

I know, I know. I shouldn’t worry too much about it. I had a couple of fittings already. We had our food tasting with the caterer (and we’ll have another one next month for finalization). And we discussed everything with the venue manager.

I wasn’t this stressed before – until we encountered a few problems with our photographer. The photographers we hired were not really our first choice. We had someone else in mind. But, since the venue preferred their accredited photographers, we chose them. We chose them among the others because when we saw their sample albums, the pictures look like they were taken by a professional! Plus, they’re style fits our theme, which is vintage.

We should be happy to have found a really good photographer, right? No. Why? First of all, they kept overcharging us. They didn’t go beyond the contract price, but they keep going beyond what is written in the scheduled payments in the contract. For instance, when we went to their office for the downpayment, we brought P5,000 with us because that’s what is written in the contract. Then, their marketing person told us to pay P10,000 (which we did not because it’s not in the contract). When we were about to pay for another scheduled payment, we brought P12,500 with us (because it is what is written in the contract). Then we received a text message from the same person telling us that we were supposed to pay P17,000!

It didn’t stop there. When we were about to have our prenuptial shoot in Intramuros, the same person sent a text message asking us if their photographers can hitch a ride with us. In the contract, they said they will cover all their transportation expenses if the location is within Manila – so what was that about?! What’s more disappointing is when we were choosing photos for the guestbook from the prenuptial shoot, it was so hard to choose because out of 200+ shots, there were only a few good shots. Either we looked awkward in the shots or we look nice in the shots but there was a wardrobe malfunction, which we were not told about during the shoot.

So this is why I am getting anxious about the Church wedding. Not all suppliers give what they promise. Now we are all working hard to make sure that everything is clear with all our suppliers. We are paying them thousands of pesos – we ought to receive quality results!

List of Suppliers

  • Wedding Coordinators: Wedding Wizards
  • Venue: Sitio Elena
  • Caterer: K by Cunanan
  • Photographer: Andre Photography
  • Gowns: Steve Balani
  • Florist: We’re thinking of going to Dangwa for this.
  • Cake: We have people in mind.
  • Quartet: We’re still in the process of reviewing our options.

UPDATE! We tied the knot! Read about our Parisian Vintage Wedding here and here.

Kimberley Reyes

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