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How We’re Going to Celebrate Valentine’s Day As A Fire Family

It’s the month of hearts yet again and I’m sure many of you are already thinking about how you’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day with your special someone.

Valentine's Day

Being a firefighter’s wife, I don’t expect much from my husband when it comes to holidays and special occasions like Valentine’s Day. In fact, I don’t expect anything fancy even on our wedding anniversary. In the last five years that we’ve been husband and wife, we’ve celebrated our anniversaries, birthdays, Christmases, NY eves, and Valentine’s Days in a carenderia, on a fire scene, or in the station while he’s on duty. Come to think of it, on the day of our wedding, he was being called to respond to a fire incident just before he walked on the aisle. Thankfully his crew took care of things so he didn’t have to leave the ceremony! *sigh of relief*

October 12, 2013

There is no such thing as a holiday with his type of work so we do away with the little time he has for us to celebrate special days. And I don’t mind–not even the kids. The important thing is that he makes time, no matter how little.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Fire Family

So what are our plans on V-day considering his line of work? This Valentine’s Day, we’ll be celebrating our love by simply being together, because that’s all that matters right? So after I pick up the kids from school, we’ll drive to the fire station and have dinner together as a family. His station is just a little under an hour from Tagaytay City so we can have a hot bowl of Bulalo to celebrate the day!

When he does get some time off work, we plan to make up for Valentine’s Day by going on a family trip–whether a quick staycation or a weekend vacation. If his schedule permits, we’ll head to La Union for a post-Valentine’s Day weekend celebration with the minis. We were invited to a wedding there and we heard the beach resorts in La Union are amazing, so why not!

Family weekends!

You see, it doesn’t matter how you’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day or what gifts you’ll be giving each other. What matters is the why behind your celebration. It was hard for me to let go of my glamorous expectations about Valentine’s Day when I married my fireman, but now that I see and understand what matters most, I’m just happy he’s around and that every day is a chance to celebrate Valentine’s Day. <3

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  1. rogerspartyof5

    I love this perspective. I don’t expect anything on Valentine’s Day, either. All I want is to spend time with my family! We will probably put the kids to bed a little bit early and make dinner together 🙂
    Caitlin @rogerspartyof5

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