On A Rainy Sunday Morning

It’s been raining non‐stop since Friday night. We were supposed to fly to Tuguegarao yesterday afternoon to spend the long weekend with Arjay’s family, but our flight was canceled because of Typhoon Mina. Since there isn’t anything left for us to do, we decided to stay in the house. We’ve been here for two days already and have been entertaining ourselves: one of our main source of entertainment, of course, is The Princess.

Last week, we bought her a bunch of new clothes since her old clothes don’t fit anymore. Today, we tried one of her new clothes. We dressed her up in her ballerina leggings. Super cute! I can’t wait to try on the others.

Here’s another photo of the little girl in her ballerina leggings:

Aside from dressing her up, we also tried to make our very own caramel frapuccino. It tastes just like that famous coffee shop so we’re very proud of ourselves. Lol! At least we don’t have to spend 100++ for coffee that we can make ourselves.

Kimberley Reyes

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