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Why Hygiene Matters and My Favorite Sanitary Care Products

Any parent will agree that one of their top priorities for their babies is to keep them and their surroundings hygienic. While it’s totally fine with me for my kids to explore their surroundings (and get dirty along the way), I also make sure I protect them so they don’t get any nasty viruses that will make them sick.

SANICARE is my hygienic choice.

Sick kids? Big no, no in this household! Since we’re without househelp, I can’t afford to have anyone getting sick in our home– not our kids, not my husband, and especially not me! To keep everyone protected from illnesses, I do what I can to keep ourselves and the house sanitary.

And my favorite partner for keeping everyone and everything clean? No other than SANICARE! I grew up using Sanicare since this is also my mom’s top choice in our home. I remember her making sure that the Sanicare Kitchen Towels are always well-stocked so we can easily wipe surfaces or dry dishes when we helped around the kitchen. I’m telling you, these kitchen towels are super absorbent! You can use them not just to wipe surfaces, but also to drain excess oil from food.

Until now, when we come visit, my mom would make our weekend meals together extra special by setting up the table with Sanicare’s Mood Dinner Napkins! I love the luxurious feel those napkins add to our meals!

SANICARE Dinner Napkins [Photo from SANICARE]
Sanicare is committed to upholding the value of hygiene in all its products by using 100% virgin pulp made tissue. The brand offers different lines for our various sanitary needs: personal, kitchen, bathroom and baby use.

SANICARE is committed to providing top quality products for every home.

When I had my own kids, my mom told me that Sanicare is the hygienic choice– and I couldn’t agree more!

I absolutely LOVE Sanicare’s Baby Wipes! I make sure I always have a pack in my bag and my kids’ school bags. This is perfect for when they get dirty in school, if they need to clean up after their lunch break, or if they have to do their thing in the bathroom if water is not available. I also use the wipes to sanitize toilet seats when we’re using public comfort rooms (although you can also use the Sanicare Disposable Toilet Seat Cover for this).

SANICARE Baby Wipes [Photo from SANICARE]
Their wipes have a soft, cloth-like texture that helps thoroughly cleaning up faces, hands, and everything else. They’re okay to use on kids– even infants– since the wipes are gentle, alcohol-free, and Paraben-free.

SANICARE is a mother's top choice in keeping the home and their family germ-free.

As you can see, having Sanicare products around is truly handy in keeping your family and your surroundings squeaky clean. Hygiene is a huge part of being healthy so it’s good to have something around to help keep everything spotless.

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