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5 Ways to Support Your Child’s Development

My kids are at an age wherein our support as their parents is crucial in their development. They are learning so many things–and at a very fast pace–so we need to provide everything they need to be able to keep up with their development.

Below are some of the ways we support our kids’ development. Share some of your tips in the comments section below if you have any you’d like to add!

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Ways You Can Support Your Child’s Development

Encourage them to eat healthy and exercise. Health is very important, which is why you need to encourage your children to eat healthy and be active. Can’t get your child to avoid junk food? One trick is not to make it easily available to them. We have completely stopped buying chips and sweets–and only have “real food” available at home. We are also starting to cut down on processed food by cooking homemade meals. There are lots of great recipes on the web, like this LCHF Chicken Nuggets. I’d up this by adding finely chopped vegetables to the mixture!

Protect them with vaccines and vitamins. Our minis do not get sick often. If they do, it is not usually very serious and I believe this is due to their strong immune system and support from vaccines and vitamins.

Aside from their daily dose of vitamin C, I also give the minis Scott’s DHA Gummies. Did you know that by age 6, a child’s brain by weight is already 90% developed? His growing years are therefore an important point in the development of his brain, aided by a crucial fatty acid called DHA, which is integral to the proper function of the brain and helps support your child’s brain development.

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Scott’s DHA Gummies are a fun and yummy way to help supplement a child’s daily DHA needs–with two delicious flavors (Orange and Strawberry) in cute shapes! All you need to give your child are three gummies a day to provide a rich source of DHA, giving 15% of the daily DHA+EPA requirement.

Support their passion. Whatever your child’s passion is, support it. My daughter loves the arts, so we provide her art materials and bring her to classes like the ones offered by Sip and Gogh. My son, on the other hand, is crazy for building blocks. This is why we have a box of LEGO blocks and wooden blocks for him to go wild with.

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Let them be bored. Ever heard this from your kid: “Mom, I’m bored.” Don’t go nuts trying to find something to entertain your child with. Instead, use that opportunity to encourage your child to go for imaginative play. Believe me, they will find something fun to do even with the littlest materials available. Not only will this develop their creativity, but it will also give you some time to do some tasks as well. This is one of my secrets for being able to work from home even with kids around!

Find a learning opportunity in every thing you do. Grab every opportunity for learning. Whenever we are outdoors, traveling, or even just watching a movie–we take every chance to teach our minis something. Kids ask a lot of questions…be patient and answer these questions because they are learning!

Our two kids learned to read and write during our travels. They also learn about plant and animal species when we spend time outdoors. Apart from the academic side, our minis also learn about kindness, patience, and accepting others as they are when we take them out. One fond memory was when my son talked to me about a classmate who is very loud and rowdy. I later on found out from his teacher that the classmate has special needs. I took that opportunity to discuss what special needs is about with my kids.

What do you do to help boost your child’s development?
Share it in the comments section below!

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