A Busy Weekend

Hello all! How was your weekend? I hope you had a fun one! 🙂 The family and I sure had a blast. Last Saturday, we drove all the way South to Nuvali to try out Res|Toe|Run’s Rumble Yard. The traffic was horrible, though. It took us three hours for a drive that usually just takes us 45 minutes to an hour! Because of that, we missed the program. Fortunately, the different stations were still open when we arrived. I’ll talk more about the Rumble Yard in another post since I’m still processing the photos. Hehe 😀

Mom On DutyWe planned Sunday to be our rest day, but my parents asked us to drive them to MOA. The Minis really made the most out of the day ha. They got their grandparents to take them on a food trip. From Japanese food, to Korean desserts, to all sorts of ice cream at Swensen’s! We rarely do not give them sweets because they get super hyper after a sweets overload, which is probably why they took that chance to eat to their taste buds’ delight. Sneaky, sneaky.

And since they are super happy, The Minis allowed us to take lots and lots of photos of them doing their thing. The most creative photos award goes to The Little Man. I swear, our boy knows how to pose! Kaunting push na lang ipapa-audition ko na ‘to. Haha!

Mom On Duty

The Princess also posed for photos — but only for a limited time. :)) Very diva kasi itong panganay namin. She only allows a couple of shots. After that, we have to let her do her thing in “private.”

Mom On Duty
Enjoying her lunch at Sumo Sam

I wanted to visit Baby Expo, too, since we were there na. However, due to a misunderstanding, we weren’t able to go inside the expo. So, we just entered the hall next to it where Toy Kingdom held a huge, huge, HUGE sale. It’s a good thing I forgot my wallet or else I would have shopped like crazy. Haha!

After a whole afternoon in MOA, The Minis eventually crashed. That’s when we called it a day and headed back home. Besides, we were all so tired from having to walk as if we were in a maze because there were so many people in the hallways.

That’s our weekend! It was super fun, but we are also extremely exhausted. That’s why I promised Daddy A that this week will be our rest week — no events, just laidback days in our house. 🙂 The event ban will only be until Friday, though, because The Little Man’s first birthday party will be on the 15th already! Can’t wait!

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