Chinese-style Lunch with Asian Home Gourmet’s Cantonese Lemon Chicken Sauce

Cantonese Lemon Chicken

Aside from Filipino lutong-bahay food (I’m crazy for this!), my other favorite Asian dishes are Chinese-inspired ones. Our usual orders in Chinese restaurants would be Steamed Fish in Taosi Sauce, Roasted Duck and Lemon Chicken with a large bowl of Yang Chow rice. So, I was thrilled when I saw a pack of Cantonese Lemon Chicken Sauce. I wonder why I never noticed the different sauces by Asian Home Gournmet? They have other sauces and mixes, but I decided to try the Lemon Chicken sauce first.

It’s pretty easy to prepare. All you need are:

  • Chicken fillet strips,
  • An egg,
  • Your choice of breading mix (I used Ajinomoto’s Crispy Fry Original Mix),
  • Asian Home Gourmet’s Cantonese Lemon Chicken Sauce, and
  • Water.

Asian Home Gourmet Lemon Chicken SauceDip the chicken fillet strips in beaten egg then let them roll in a bowl of breading mix. Deep fry the strips until golden brown then set aside. The instructions on Asian Home Gourmet’s pack says to pour the Cantonese Lemon Chicken Sauce in another bowl then add two tablespoons of water. It was still too strong for me so I added another tablespoon of water and a bit of sugar.

Once the sauce is ready, pour it on top of your chicken strips and voila! You have a plate of restaurant-style Cantonese Lemon Chicken. I loved it. Daddy A loved it. Even The Minis loved it! I wish I bought more chicken fillet because lunch was so bitin!

We can’t wait to try the other sauces by Asian Home Gourmet! If I remember correctly, I saw pastes, sauces and mixes for Chicken Curry, Laksa and Szechuan Classic Stir Fry. There are more! You can check out Asian Home Gourmet’s Facebook page for the full list of pastes, sauces and mixes and browse through their recipes here.

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    yummy! 🙂 i’d love to try that 🙂

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