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Are stains stressing you out? Ariel Power Gel is to the rescue!

I know that kids will be kids and that they don’t really mean to make things extra difficult for their parents, but I really find it stressful when they get stains on their clothes. I don’t hate them for it, but I do get super stressed. This is especially true for my son who goes home from school with a stained uniform – every. single. day. I can’t count how many uniforms I bought for him already because of those nasty stains from paint, markers, food, even mud.

The time after the holidays is even more stressful because that’s when we get to assess the damage on our clothes. We spent the holidays at the station and we had a wonderful feast there with my husband’s crew. As with delicious feasts, hindi maiiwasan na matuluan ng sauce ang damit. Now that I’ve unpacked our dirty clothes from our week-long stay, I see how dirty my kids got during the holidays! Grabe, ibang klase.

Ariel Power Gel is a powerful weapon against stains. See how it works!

It’s a good thing I shifted to Ariel Power Gel already because it has made laundry day less stressful. As I put our after-holiday and after-football practice laundry into the washer, I can worry less because I know all I need to do is to soak our clothes in Ariel Power Gel and it’ll do its job in getting stains off our clothes.

Yes folks. No scrubbing needed! (Which is perfect for me because I get blisters on my hands when I scrub clothes.) Just soak your stained clothes up in one sachet of Ariel Power Gel and you’ll see stains coming off within minutes. I usually let our stained clothes soak for 15 minutes in a basin, let water run through them, then I transfer them into the washing machine and let them go through the usual cycle.

But enough talk. I’m sure you’re curious if it really works, so I made a video to prove how amazingly fast Ariel Power Gel can remove stains from clothes.

Say goodbye to stains with Ariel Power Gel!

Is that awesome or what? What I love more about Ariel Power Gel is that it’s formulated with Downy Passion. So you don’t just have clean, stain-free clothes, but also clothes that smell amazing!

Have you tried Ariel Power Gel? If not, this is available in major supermarkets in sachets or big bottles. If you prefer laundry detergent in powder form, they also have Ariel Sunrise Fresh, which works pretty much the same. (I use that too!)

Thanks for reading/watching and come back soon for other product reviews! If you want me to review anything in particular, just comment below or drop me a line on Facebook.

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