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Attipas: Cute, Comfortable, and Functional Footwear For My Little One


At 1 and 11 months, The Little Man’s most favorite thing to do is to walk, walk, and walk. Whenever he senses that someone is about to leave the house (most of the time, his dad), he dashes to the shoe rack, grabs his walking shoes, asks his nanny to help him put them on, then off he goes with his dad on their routine morning walk.

There’s one problem though. His old walking shoes, a blue and orange pair of sandals we got from a bazaar (hehe!), doesn’t seem to give the support he needs. Oftentimes, he’d trip on his own feet because his toes are sticking out or he’d slip when he starts running on a tiled floor. We had the same problem with The Princess when she started walking, which is why we’ve always wondered what footwear is best for our babies.

Then, we discovered Attipasthe best toddler shoes we’ve tried so far.

attipas philippines

What I love about these shoes:

  • They’re non-slip. Safety first, of course!
  • They’re machine-washable and dries easily. Thank goodness!
  • They’re breathable. Hey! You wouldn’t want your little one’s feet to stink, right?
  • They have a big toe box that allows free toe movement.
  • The materials used are non-hazardous.
  • They’re lightweight.

My boy loves his pair so much that it’s now his choice of footwear for his everyday use. In fact, the big sister wants a pair too. Sadly, they don’t come in bigger sizes. 🙁

Attipas Toddler Functional Shoes is aimed at helping babies to start walking correctly by evenly distributing foot pressure and correct toddler’s walking behavior while he/she learns to walk. The design is based on kinetic and physio-dynamic test of toddlers’ walking that enables the steady and stable walking pattern of the toddler. It also helps in the toddler’s brain development by enabling the sole and toe movement while walking.

Just like wearing socks!

Attipas comes in 11 different styles for little girls and boys; each having a variety of colors to choose from. You can buy a pair from the following stores:

  • Metro Gaisano
  • Baby Zone
  • Baby Steps
  • Baby & Kids
  • The Landmark
  • Mothercare
  • Babyland
  • Wellworth
  • The Right Stuff
  • Tarte Tatin
  • Fisher Mall
  • Flatshop
  • Ku-Ku Duckbill
  • Cudsly
  • Rustan’s
  • Purple Cradle
  • Lazada Philippines

If you want to have a look at the styles and colors they have, feel free to visit and like their Facebook page.

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  1. Mary Joy

    Mukhang very comfortable ang Attipas. Sa growing kid importante talaga ang comfort at tibay ng shoes.Ang cute! =)

    1. Kim Timbol-Reyes

      Yep! I might need to buy more kasi palaging sinusuot ni baby itong Attipas niya.

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