Birthday week!

Last July 30, I celebrated my 23rd birthday! 🙂 It was one very stormy birthday celebration (thanks to Typhoon Gener), but that doesn’t matter. Hubby was very sick that day too so we weren’t able to push through with our buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner. He just came from a three-day search and retrieval operation of a drown victim so he needed to rest.
My family didn’t let the day pass without a celebration, though. Everyone came home from work and celebrated my special day with me with a box of KFC chicken, ice cream, cupcakes and a birthday cake. I couldn’t ask for more!
The next day, I woke up to Arjay packing two travel bags with clothes. He said he was feeling better and thought of bringing us to Tagaytay for my birthday week. That very morning, we took an hour-long drive to Tagaytay and checked in to Taal Vista. Since it was almost lunch time, we decided to eat at the hotel’s restaurant. We initially planned to eat at Bulalo Pointe, one of our favorite Bulalo places in Tagaytay, but it was raining really hard so we stayed in.
As usual, Kelly was the comedian of our lunch celebration. She kept doing funny things with her face and talked the whole time. Even the waiters got amused and started watching her show!
It was raining throughout our 4-day stay in Taal Vista so we were basically stuck the whole time. The wonderful thing about this hotel is that they have everything. They have a restaurant with almost anything you want, a spa, a gym, a pool (if you’re brave enough to swim lol) and a kids’ corner!
Arjay and Kelly occasionally went to the Kids’ Corner to play while I opted to stay in our room and drown myself in fresh fruit juice. I eventually caught Arjay’s flu so I had to take in lots of fluids and get a whole lot of rest. I should mention that I like how the hotel staff took care of me. They brought an ice pack to our room when I called to ask for assistance and continuously checked on me through phone.
After four days, I was feeling a lot better already. We wanted to bring Kelly to Picnic Grove to go horseback riding, but the rain still hadn’t stopped. So, we decided to just go to Eastwood after checking out.
Eastwood is Kelly’s most favorite place because this is where Gymboree is. She just loves playing, dancing and singing with other kids; which is why she always looks forward to Gymboree Day.
That’s how I spent my birthday week! Sorry for the lack of photos, my camera’s charger is still missing so I’ve been using my phone for blog photos.

Kimberley Reyes

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