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Hotel Review: Seda Nuvali (2023 Update)

We frequently stay in Laguna lately and every time we have to stay in the area for an extended period of time, our first choice is always Seda Nuvali. We’ve always loved our stays there (as you can read in this post) because they’ve never really failed in giving us an amazing experience during our stays.

Are you looking for a family friendly hotel in Laguna?

If you often travel with kids like us, then you’re probably always on the lookout for family friendly hotels.

We’ve tried a couple of hotels in Laguna, but I’d say the most accommodating to families is Seda Nuvali.

They have spacious rooms that are perfect for families on a staycation. If you’re a big family, I recommend going for the connecting Premier Room or the Family Suite. These rooms have enough “running space” for little kiddos.

And if the family ever gets bored from staying in the room too long, they have amenities that cater to guests of all ages.

My husband and I enjoy having coffee and pastries in Misto, their in-house restaurant. Guests can enjoy their meals inside the airconditioned restaurant, or, they can opt for outdoor dining by the pool. We prefer the latter because then we can enjoy our meal while we’re watching the kids swim.

Speaking of swimming… They have very kid friendly pools. You know, ones that won’t give parents a heart attack when their kids jump into the pool out of nowhere. Mine like to do cannonballs so knowing that the pools aren’t too deep keeps me from getting those mini heart attacks.

They also have a playroom for little kids where they play movies, have a small playground, and lots and lots of toys to keep kids busy.

For bigger kids (and kids at heart), they have the Game Room where you can use their computers or play with their gaming consoles.

What about activities outside the hotel?

Another thing about Seda Nuvali that we love is its proximity to malls and activity destinations in Laguna. It’s a few minutes’ walk away from Solenad, Paseo, and Vista Mall so if you ever decide to eat out, go shopping, or just take a walk, these are all available for guests.

It also won’t take long to drive to destinations like Enchanted Kingdom or Tagaytay.

How much does it cost to stay in Seda Nuvali?

Depending on the room you decide to stay in, the room rates start at around Php4,000 (approximate USD75).

It’s not bad considering the rooms, amenities, and its location.

Ready for your next staycation?

Because of its popularity in Santa Rosa City, it’s recommended that you book your stay ahead of time – especially if you plan to go an a weekend.

Book your stay at Seda Nuvali now!

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