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How to Make a Family Holiday Educational

You can often make an adventure go much further if you take steps to make a family holiday educational. This keeps the kids entertained and prevents them from “vegging out” too much.

Get the Kids to Research Where You are Staying

Before you even leave, you can get the kids excited and learn something at the same time. No matter where you go, there will be fun and exciting things to learn about your destination. For example, everywhere has a history. And some places have the kind of history kids love, such as gruesome tales of death. Or you can introduce your kids to science (click here to read more) if you are planning a trip to somewhere known for it, like the LHC, museums, or space centers.

Have them Collect Samples

You often want to relax when on holiday. But this means different things to different people. Some of us love nothing more than to bake in the sun. While other families take great pleasure in climbing small mountains. Whatever it is you like to do, though, you can keep up the kids’ interest by having them collect samples from where you are. This could mean recording sounds of exotic bugs, videos of animals, or even picking some flowers. All of which they can research.

Make a Family Holiday Educational with Counting Games

Family time relies on games of all kinds. And these can be a Godsend if you are traveling with children. A long drive can become a breeze as kids count things on the way. And in many cases, they might just fall asleep. And, of course, learning to count is an essential skill anyway. You can use things like e-learning apps to help the kids learn about what they are counting. You can have them draw each red car they see on the way or write how many eagles they see.

Think of Missions to Send the Kids On

Counting games and finding things can be expanded upon. You can create missions for your kids that they must complete over the duration of your vacation. And you can reward them for successful completion. For example, challenge the kids to find four different colors of a specific bird. Or enhance their photography skills by shooting as many different flowers around where you are staying. You can assign these as daily tasks and discuss them over dinner each night.

Take Some Excursions and Day Trips

There isn’t much point in traveling somewhere exotic only to stay put and not do anything. Yet 70% of us actually use vacation time for working. This is time you can use to explore something wonderful. For instance, if you are staying in Rome, tour the amazing fountains around the city. And don’t just look at the pyramids of Giza from a hotel window! Further, getting out is amazing for the kids. For example, an African safari is educational, encouraging, and truly unforgettable.

Ready for your next trip?

You can keep the kids entertained while away if you make a family holiday educational as well as fun. Have the kids do some local research, assign daily missions, and get out and about.

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