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When people see me, the first thing they always notice is my long, fiery red hair. Then, they ask about what hair dye I used to reach that color and what products I apply to keep it manageable even when I’m outdoors.

I first had my hair colored red three months ago by the wonderful technicians of Cynos Philippines. Since then, I knew that I will only let Cynos touch my hair. 😀 Anywho. As explained by the hair technician that handled my locks, my chosen color is the kind that fades into a brownish shade after about two to three months. So come February, I knew I needed a retouch since I noticed my hair turning into a copperish color. Black regrowth have also become visible at the top of the crown. See the photo above? I obviously needed a retouch!

Today, I, together with Camille of Lollies and Lipsticks, headed over to our fhairy godmothers (just had to say that) to have our hair colored and treated. I was thinking of having my hair color changed to blonde (haha!), but I wasn’t feeling very fierce then so I just settled with a retouch.

cynos philippines

If you like my color, it’s Cynos 7.6. Cynos Inside Hair Care products are distributed in many major salons, such as Louis Phillip Kee Premiere Salon, Bench Fix, Cre8 Salon, and Jesse Mendez to name a few. Ask your hair dresser if they have Cynos products!

cynos philippines

The color will look super bright red (almost pink) during the application process. Don’t worry because after washing, it will be much darker.

cynos philippines

Aside from hair dye, the hair technician also applied Cynos’ LPP Hair Treatment, which is perfect for hair that has been damaged by frequent coloring. This left my hair looking healthy, shiny, and elastic. Again, this is available in major salons – just ask your stylist about it.

To maintain my locks, I use Argan Oil Thairapy Shampoo and Conditioner. After drying my hair, I apply a small amount of Morocco Argan Oil for a shiny finish. All these are distributed by Cynos Philippines in major salons.

Argan Oil Thairapy Shampoo and Conditioner
Argan Oil Thairapy Shampoo and Conditioner

If you’re going to have your hair dyed too, take note of these things:

  1. Experts say that the cardinal post-coloring rule is not to wash the hair for at least two days to avoid the hair’s outmost layer from lifting, which will allow the color to seep out.
  2. Washing your hair every day can cause premature fading. I wash my hair just twice a week, which isn’t a problem at all because I work from home. BUT, if your hair tends to be oily or it is always exposed to dirt, experts recommend using dry shampoo.
  3. Exposure to the sun can damage the hair and cause it to fade must faster. If you can’t stay out off the sun, be sure to carry a UV solution that you can spray over your hair for protection.
  4. I’m not sure if it’s available in the Philippines yet (do let me know if it is!), but I saw a root concealer that can cover up regrowth (this usually shows up after six weeks). This way, you don’t need to go back to the salon right away!

Camille and I posed for a shot outside so you guys can see how our chosen colors look like in natural light. I think my confidence level went up by one (maybe two, even three) points after this hair treatment. I loooove how my hair turned out! Camille chose a different shade and had highlights added, which turned out very nice as well.

cynos philippines

The next time you visit your favorite salon, think of Cynos Inside Hair Care. I swear by my long, red hair that their products are worth trying!

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I received compensation in exchange for writing this blog post. Although this write up is sponsored, all opinions are my own. You can view my Disclosure Policy here.

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  1. Marie

    I sooo love your hair Kim! I have always wanted red hair but too scared to try until now hahaha. “Fhairy”, I love it! Keep your hair that color it so complements you.

    1. Kim Reyes

      I’ve always been scared of trying out red hair! But I just took the leap and low and behold, it looks great on me pala!

  2. Camille Aguila

    Hala. Di ko pa napopost to. 🙂 Ganda nga ng hair mo gusto ko din sana red. di ko pa alam kung keri ko. Pag nagpa blonde ka ako naman magre-red. haha! 😀

    1. Kim Reyes

      Go for red! Kaya mo yan. Mag-iipon muna ako ng courage for blonde hair. Haha!

  3. The Pinay Mom

    You two look fabulous here. I wanted to dye my hair too or have some highlights but my hairdresser here (which is an American) told me no because I have a nice black hair and we ( Asians) are lucky to have it. But, I still want too! Maybe next time.

  4. Jocris Mangubat

    very nice.. pretty Mom.. I wish I could have a new hair color too..

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