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Staying focused while working from home with kids around

Working from home is challenging enough in a sense that you have to be personally responsible for your time.

You need to take note of deadlines.

You need to overcome the temptation to procrastinate.

You need to be your own cheerleader on days you don’t feel like working.

Then there’s Netflix.

And Amazon Prime.

Let’s not forget about Disney Plus, HBO Prime, and all the tempting distractions around the house.

But do you know what’s even more challenging? Working from home with kids around.

With 5 little humans running around in my workspace, staying focused can get a wee bit challenging. Okay, not a wee bit. It can get VERY challenging.

So here are 6 tips on how to focus better and be productive even if your work environment isn’t the most conducive for work.

Establish a Routine

What worked really well for me is creating and sticking to a family routine.

I found that our kids tend to be easier to handle when they follow a certain schedule. So we try not to wing it. Instead, we talk about what to expect each day with the whole family (yes, kids included) so everyone knows what’s up for each member’s day.

Communicate with your Partner and kids

In relation to the point above: A less stressful work at home experience can be achieved with communication.

In our family, we always discuss our plans and schedules. If I have an important meeting, I let my husband and kids know. That way, we can plan our day in a way that my husband can take over the kids’ school prep while I focus on my meeting.

And it works both ways. If my husband has something important coming up, or one of our kids has an oral recitation or presentation, we make sure we plan around those things.

Create a designated Workspace

While I work in different areas in our home, when I sit down at my designated work table inside the master’s bedroom, my husband and kids know I mean business.

They vacate the room and keep their voices low because they know I’m doing deep, focused work.

Set clear boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is important especially when you work from home because it’s easy to overwork. I know. I did that all the time before!

Now, I make sure I let my clients and teammates know when I’m available and when I’m off.

Take breaks!

Breaks are important when you’re working from home.

It’s good for your eyes.

It’s good for your mind.

I like taking breaks throughout the day to rest my eyes and hands, to reconnect with my kids, to rehydrate.

Utilize tech and other resources available to you

I saved the best for last: Utilize technology and human resources!

If you’re not yet automating processes or delegating tasks that are taking too much of your time, then it’s time to start exploring these resources.

As a Certified OBM, I help clients find ways to improve their operations through automation and delegation. We dig deep into what is taking up their time and mental space and what support is available to them so they can free up that space and focus more on their genius.

If you’re interested, book a connection call with me today! Let’s chat about how we can work together.

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Mark Q.

    I’ve been WFH and my kids around make me feel energized. Miss Kim, thanks for the article. This is such a piece of great information.

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