He’s crawling!

I was starting to get worried last month when I noticed that the Little Man still can’t roll over to his tummy properly. His big sister started rolling over late in her 4th month and started moving forward (in a frog-like manner hehe) at around 5 months.

The Little Man is turning 7 months on the 15th, but compared to The Princess, his baby milestones seem to be coming late. Then I remembered what our pediatrician and fellow mommies always say: Never compare. Let kids learn at their own pace.

Yesterday, I left the kids on their play mat while I worked. I remember leaving the Little Man on the right side, but when I looked to check on them, he was already on the left side of the play mat and on his belly. I waited around and observed. That’s when I saw it…

The Little Man is crawling!
Someone’s starting to crawl!


Excited much? Well, I am! He always gets frustrated by the fact that his big sister can freely move around and he can’t, which results to him crying all the time. Now that he can crawl, he can move and play with The Princess. Our big girl is enjoying this new milestone, too, because she get to play tag with The Little Man. Haha.

I need to get ready for duty! I have a feeling that I will be running after these two crazies very, very soon…

Kimberley Reyes

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