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How To Turn Yourself Into A Wealth Generator (No College Required)

So you didn’t get to go to college or have no work experience, but you’re burning with ambition and you just know that if you could find your “click” you’d thrive.

You’re not alone and you find yourself in very good company as well.  Whilst having a college degree does not necessarily mean you’re going to be a successful business owner, there are obvious benefits to being educated in specific areas or skills based on the type of business you’re planning to start.

Now, as we’ve already seen, it’s entirely possible to start with something as relatively simple as a zero income generating blog and turn it into a very lucrative business, but that isn’t the ideal route for everyone.  So how can you turn “you” into “you Inc?” How do you turn yourself into a wealth generator? (Even if you’re starting from zero experience and knowledge)

As always, the simplest answer to any question is the right one.  

Start With What You Know

Any online search will reveal a plethora of top tips and guides meant to help you on your way to business success, but there is often a crucial missing element: what do you already know how to do and more importantly, how can this be monetized?

Can you write, design graphics, take a good picture, cook, bake…what is it that you can already do that while not necessarily your endgame, could create an income to get you started?

Be The “Go To” Person

Do you want to be in the mix of things? Create the mix. Everyone needs to know how to get something done or how to find someone to do it for them and this is a winning formula for a services-based value proposition that you could create for yourself with relative ease and you can start local.

By simple conversation with your existing network, you can figure out what needs to be done by whom and when and the moment that they don’t know how to get it done, is where you step in. This type of approach will also instantly broaden your network and contact list and that in turn, leads to opportunity and all you need, is a cell phone, a WIFI connection and a very curious mind.

Make Your Own Wind

If you’ve never heard that expression before you’ve probably never been a model before either. (fair enough)

So what it refers to is this: ever seen a model walking the catwalk with her hair flowing effortlessly around her despite being indoors and with no visible wind source? She can achieve this by walking “head first” into her stride and creating airflow around her face. 

You can do this, too – but with financial success in mind. This means that instead of searching for opportunities to make money – create the opportunity. Even if you have no degree or formal education, you can teach yourself the skills you need to operate in all sorts of spheres.

Take being a Forex trader for example. With minimal effort but lots of patience and practice, you could learn how to master internet trading in foreign currencies – without leaving your home.

It’s the same with me when I started my virtual assistant business. I had no technical knowledge or work experience when I started. I was just a college student looking to make extra income. But with the willingness to learn and determination to grow the business despite the challenges, I’ve made it far enough to start making consistent 6-figure months. And as I helped grow my clients’ businesses, I made sure I expanded my skills and offers as well by up leveling and offering higher level support like Online Business Management.

Ultimately, if you have the desire and you’re prepared to fight for your financial future with everything you have, then there is virtually nothing that can hold you back.

Doing an audit on you is the first step to knowing what to do next.

And you can literally do that NOW.

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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