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Looking Into Advertising Online? Here’s How To Work With Advertising Agencies

With a lot of businesses going online, a lot are also looking into boosting their reach using online marketing. If you’re planning to get some marketing help for your business, here’s how to work with advertising agencies so you get the most out of your ads.

One way to market online is through PPC campaigns. If you’re looking at launching a PPC campaign, you may be able to handle it yourself without much issue. However, you might also find that you simply don’t have the time to learn the discipline or to run that campaign yourself. As such, you might come to rely on a PPC agency. But how do you make sure you get the kind of beneficial and collaborative relationship that will lead to the return on investment you need? Here are a few tips.

Know what you’re looking for

First of all, you need to make sure that you’re choosing the right PPC agency for you. As with every discipline, there are many different ways to specialize, such as by industry or by the target market. Know what questions to ask a PPC agency, such as what their focus is, how much experience they have, what proof they have of successful campaigns, and so on. If you don’t take the time to scrutinize your options properly, it should be no surprise if you don’t get the quality you’re hoping for.

Agree on goals and working methods

To make sure that you’re not getting left out of the loop and to keep your campaign on track with your business goals, it’s important to talk about expectations with the PPC agency of your choice ahead of time. Agree on performance goals (with a good understanding of which KPIs you can measure to see how well you’re achieving them), as well as communication and update standards, as well. If you expect them to be in touch twice a week, then make it clear that’s what you want.

Make it easy to share resources

When working with a PPC agency, you might have specific photographs, branded imagery, typography, logos, and more for them to use. As such, you need to have a way of quickly sharing files with them. Similarly, you want to be able to look over assets, prototypes, and finished works they might send. Tools such as can make that a lot easier. You can take a look over their latest work without having to rely on a messy inbox or having to visit in person.

Learn more about which KPIs matter

One of the issues that a lot of people find with digital advertising agencies of all kinds is that they are good at tracking and reporting on vanity KPIs that can make it look like your business is getting the attention it needs, even if it doesn’t actually bring you any closer to your marketing objectives. To that end, take a look at this list of most important KPIs to see which KPIs actually matter and what they mean. This way, it’s a lot easier to see if your PPC agency is actually doing what they promise.

While choosing the right agency is always key, you should be more than willing to contribute to the campaign, too. This ensures you’re keeping close tabs on the results, as well as learning a little from the professionals in the meantime.

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