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Surviving And Thriving As A Single Parent

Becoming a single parent is a scary thought for us parents. Having grown up in a single-parent household, I’ve witnessed the challenges both my parents had to face not just between themselves, but also in raising my sister and I. I also know that it can be lonely, and people can be super judgy.

This is why was really excited when a good friend of mine, Donna Donnor, offered to speak about the difficult topic that is single parenthood in Coffee With Kim.

In today’s episode, Donna shared with us what life is like as a single parent, the struggles she went through, and how she overcame all of it. There is a lot to learn from this conversation – whether you’re a single parent or you have a partner present in your life.

Show Notes

  • It’s okay to feel all the emotions, but don’t get stuck in the misery. When you’re ready – and you will be – give yourself a chance to move on and be happy.
  • Have open communication with your child about your family’s situation. They need to know what’s going on.
  • Be mindful of what you say to other people because you have no idea of what they’re going through.
  • Know your rights as a single parent
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