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4 Tips to Prep for Summer and Semestral School Breaks

Summer and semestral school breaks are exciting times for kids and parents. From summer vacations to holiday activities, this is a time for families to bond and to relax from the stress of the year. However, these breaks can also be stressful for parents, who want to keep their kids healthy and entertained without the structure that school provides. Follow these four steps to prepare for the upcoming school break.

Look for Day Camps and Clubs to Join

You don’t have to send your kids to sleep-away camp every year so they can have a fun time during the summer. There are plenty of nearby and affordable day camps like Kids Camp At The Farm to choose from if you know where to look. Check out your local library or park center to see if it offers camps and activities for kids during the break. For older kids, look for camps that match their hobbies and interests. 

Some organizations also offer day camps during the semestral break, which can be a lifesaver for parents who need to go to work and don’t want to leave their kids home alone throughout the day.

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Set Up a Mud Room for Your Kids and Their Friends

Both summer and the “ber” months create times for mud and water in your home. From kids running in from a rainstorm to home visitors tracking in snow from outside. Set up a makeshift mudroom in your home for shoes, coats, and umbrellas that people can leave as soon as they walk in. This limits the spread of mud and keeps your home clean longer. 

Your kids can have their friends over and run through the house without your worrying about ruining the carpet or couch.

Identify Age-Appropriate Chores for Their Daily Routines

Summer is a great time to teach kids new skills. While they’re playing with friends and going to camp, they can also learn new chores and help around the house. There are multiple guides for what chores children should be able to do at certain ages. Your 6-year-old can learn to put laundry away and clean up the sink, while your 15-year-old can mow the lawn and prepare the occasional family meal. 

Summer and winter breaks are a great time to teach them these skills, as they have more time to learn how to do them effectively. 

Improve the Indoor Air Quality of Your Home

Summer rains and winter chills can keep kids inside, which means they could have asthma or allergy flare-ups if the air in your home isn’t clean. Along with replacing your air filter monthly, schedule seasonal maintenance for your HVAC system before the weather gets severe — typically in the spring and fall. Your HVAC technician may be able to recommend some options to filter out dust and dirt while reducing the humidity in your home.

These steps can keep your indoor air clean and decrease the chances that your kids will spend their school breaks at the doctor with sinus and breathing problems.  

School breaks are exciting for kids but can be a stressful time for parents. Make sure you focus on the fun parts of the school holiday by following these steps and keeping your kids happy!

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