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Northern Tale 4: A Must-try Big Fish Game (Giveaway!)

What do you do during your down time? Since I usually get some down time when the minis are sleeping and I don’t have work or errands, I usually read a book or catch up on my favorite television series. Sometimes, though, I get a chance to play my current addiction–Northern Tale 4, a time management game featuring Ragnar and his Vikings fighting against an army of black knights, witches, and giants.

Northern Tale 4

I’ve never tried playing the first three installations of Northern Tale, but this one is quite good…at least for someone like me who just wants an exciting game, but not something that can give me a heart attack. Yes, Daddy A, I’m talking about Left 4 Dead.

The game is pretty simple. You just need to control your characters to gather resources, which they can use to upgrade facilities or beat the enemies in each level. The catch is you have to finish the challenges in each level within the given time limit.

If you’d like to give it a try, you can play it for an hour free by downloading the trial here. I have a treat for you guys, though! Because Big Fish wants Mom On Duty readers to enjoy their games, they’re giving away one free full-game download each to two of my readers.

You read that right! Two of you will get a code to download the full version of your game* of choice FOR FREE! All you need to do is to:

  1. Share this blog post in any way–on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google Plus, or snail mail. Whichever way you want! Just share it! 😀
  2. Comment on this post with your name, e-mail address, the link to your social media share in #1, and the game you want to download from Big Fish.

The more times you share this blog post, the more chances you get of winning. Just keep commenting with details in #2 every time you make a new share. Each share (and comment) will be equivalent to one entry. This giveaway will last until January 16, 2015. Two winners will be randomly picked through a hat draw! Go on, share it with your friends! 🙂

* Codes are valid for any game except for Big Fish Collector’s Edition games.

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