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#IfIWereHome: Celebrating the Holidays Incomplete and How We’re Making It Work

If you read my blog post about why I chose to work from home, my top reason for choosing a work at home career over a corporate job is to be with my family. With a husband who is in service, we agreed that it would be best for our family if I stay at home so the kids will have at least one parent at home when my husband is away—especially during the holidays when they are strictly on duty. There are no exemptions so the minis and I always have to celebrate Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and other holidays without our hero.

Celebrating the holidays incomplete
Fireman's family

Fireman's familyI asked Arjay why they have to be on duty during Christmas and New Year’s Eve when everyone—them included—should be celebrating. He said those are actually the two most dangerous times of the year because houses are prone to robberies and fires. That is why they have to rove around their area of responsibility during the celebrations to make sure everyone is safe.

To be honest with you, it is something we are still not used to. Every year, we wish that he would be with us during our Noche Buena or welcome the New Year with us in our home. But since this is the line of work that Arjay chose and we cannot do anything about their schedule of duty, we just try to make it work.

“While we are making sure other people are safe, we don’t know if our families are safe… and happy,” Daddy A told me. “I always wonder what you and the kids are doing; and how the little ones reacted when they opened their presents,” he said. “#IfIWereHome, I would have been busy cooking our Christmas breakfast as the kids excitedly open their presents,” he added.

The best he can do during this time of the year, however, is to call us when he has time so he can somewhat still be part of our celebration at home.

Christmas TreeImagine how much of a difference it would make if there was a way for those in the same line as my husband or parents who have to be away all the time to still see what goes on at home while they are away. I am sure the holidays, and any day of the year that they have to be away, will be less sad and stressful.

I can relate because every time I have to leave the house to run errands or meet clients, I always wish there was a way for me to check on the minis—as in really see or watch over my kids as if I am at home with them. Although I only have to be away for hours at a time, I still miss the minis to bits. I want to not just talk to them over the phone, but see them as well.

That is one wish I have for the holidays and this new year… for families like mine to have the available connection so we can see and talk to each other even though one family member has to be away. That way, it will not feel like anyone is missing out on anything going on at home.

If you weren’t home during the holidays, what do you wish you could have done with your family if you were home?

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Kimberley Reyes

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  1. krisna

    Ang lungkot nitong blog post mo na ito, Kim. Yan ang pinaka ayaw ko mangyari. Yung mag spend ng christmas and new year na hindi kami kumpleto. 🙁

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      It’s part of the job eh. We’re just glad that A makes up for it on days he’s free. 🙂

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