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Tipulo: Filipino Comfort Food in Antipolo City

Do you love Filipino Food? I do. More than any kind of cuisine. So when my family asked me where I want to eat to celebrate my birthday, I chose one of my favorites in Antipolo: Tipulo.

Tipulo is located inside the First Pacific Leadership Academy. It’s just along Sumulong Highway. The restaurant sits in the midst of a huge property surrounded by trees and big open spaces.

It’s one of our go-to breakfast places after bringing my daughter to school because of the good food and–get ready fellow freedom workers–good wifi connection.

Since we usually go there to eat breakfast, though, we’ve only really tried their breakfast offers… The Ultimate Adobo being my ultimate favorite.

But for my birthday dinner, we went for their best sellers (according to our waiter).

For starters, we ordered their Tinapa Lumpia. I love how the salty Tinapa bits blends perfectly with the veggies and vinegar dip! One dish is quite filling actually… and there were four of us!

We were all craving for something very Filipino that night so for our main dish, we ordered two bowls of Kare-Kare. Yes folks, one bowl ain’t enough for our Kare-Kare loving family!

So as not to feel too guilty for the amount of food we’ve been eating since the days leading to my birthday, we ordered a bowl of vegetables – Ginataang Sitaw at Kalabasa. Guys, it may be just vegetables, but it’s pretty good!

The minis got themselves separate orders. My daughter cannot dine out without ordering a mango smoothie. She really is my daughter because I’m exactly like that!

For their dinner, the minis had Filipino Spaghetti and Fried Chicken. I didn’t force them to eat “adult food” this time because they’ve been very healthy eaters since school started.

What We Think

It’s not cheap, but the food is delicious! If you’re looking for super affordable eat dates, then this isn’t the place for you. However, what I can say is that the food they serve here is well worth what you pay for.

Hey, they’ve got friendly staff there! I heard people say that service isn’t very good at Tipulo, but so far (and regardless of what time of day we go), we’ve been well taken care of by the waiters.

Kids will also love it there. Tipulo has a fine dining vibe to it, but it’s okay for kids too. There’s a lot of space to walk around and it’s not enclosed so the kids got busy looking at the sights surrounding the dining area.

Need to work? Go here. Like I said, they don’t just serve good food, but they give you good connection too. If you need to work in peace and quiet, this is your place!

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