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Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas

Valentines Day 2016 is coming up. Do you have a gift for your special someone already?

Valentines Day 2016 is just four days away. Do you have a gift for the special people in your life? I asked around for people’s Valentines Day wish list and got some pretty nice ideas for an awesome surprise. If you haven’t prepared your big surprise for your loves, here are some ideas that can help you out:

Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas for Your Husband

G-Shock Watch / Every time I ask my husband what he wants for a special occasion–his birthday, Christmas, and now Valentines Day, he always has one answer: a watch. If you want to give your husband a nice watch that won’t break the bank, consider giving him a G-Shock. I promise you, after opening his present, he’ll be smiling like a little boy who finally got the toy he’s been asking his parents all year.

Priced at around P15,000 (depending on the model), this isn’t a bad gift at all.

Additional Collection for his Play Station / Are you always ranting about your husband playing with his Play Station all the time? Here’s a tip: Join him. I used to feel extra bad when Arjay plays with his game while I sit around doing nothing. It became the start of many arguments…until I decided to play his game. Make him happy this Valentines Day and add a new item to his PS collection. Here’s a list of the best Play Station 4 Games you can give him.

These games cost around P2,000 to P3,000. Expensive? Not really. It’ll be a while before your husband finishes one game! (It took us a couple of weeks to finish Diablo together.)

Starbucks Card / Is your husband a coffee drinker? Treat him with a cup of joe this Valentines Day by gifting him with a Starbucks Card. These cards come in different designs and can be ordered from any Starbucks branch.

Pair the card with a mug or a tumbler for extra sweetness. 😉

Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas for Your Wife

Add something new to her collection of beauty tools. / I love it whenever I get the chance to fix myself up real good. I’m not the best with putting make up on, but I really enjoy getting my hair done myself. I recently received styling tools from NuMe and I’m sure you’re wife will love these added to her collection as well!

This Valentines Day, NuMe is treating beauty junkies to 50% off with free shipping (for orders within the U.S.). Use the code VDAY50 upon purchase. You might be asking if they ship to the Philippines…they do. It took less than a week before my order arrived!

Make Valentines Day extra special with Red Ribbon!Give her a cake. / I’d be happy if Arjay did what Doug Kramer did when he surprised Cheska, but I’m honestly not sure how he’ll do that. LOL! So a yummy chocolate dedication cake will do for me. The heart-shaped Black Forest Valentines Cake by Red Ribbon is the perfect sweet surprise. I love cakes so this will definitely make my day! You can buy this from Red Ribbon starting February 12, 2016.

A bag. / Because really, what kind of woman doesn’t love bags? I’ve been swooning over the prettiness of Cath Kidston bags even before they came to the Philippines. Although I’d like to buy one, every time I’m about to make the purchase, I think about where else I can use the money. Sayang eh! 😀 BUT, if someone would give this to me as a gift (EHEM Daddy A), I’d be extremely grateful.

If your wife is crazy about bags, you can find the list of Cath Kidston stores in the Philippines here. This is less expensive than other designer bags, but equally beautiful.

Valentines Day 2016 Gift Ideas for Your Kid

Hovertrax Hoverboard / Has your teen been asking for a Hoverboard? Surprise him this Valentines Day with one! It’ll be like Christmas all over again! Priced at P7,899 on Lazada Philippines, your teen will get to enjoy this two-wheel self-balance electric scooter. Get big savings on your Hoverboard with Shopback for Lazada.

Take your kid on a trip. / Ever heard the saying, “Invest on experiences”? This Valentines Day, why not take your kid on a fun out-of-town trip or a tour of Manila. There are a lot of places you can visit within and outside the metro! There’s Manila Ocean Park, Kidzania and The Mind Museum in Manila. There’s Sky Ranch in Tagaytay, Ocean Adventure and Zoobic in Subic. You can even go on a cold weekend vacation in Baguio City, if you have the time!

These are just some ideas for Valentines Day–I’m sure there are many more you can think of! But if you ask me, at the end of the day, it’s really the thought that counts.

Do you have Valentines Day gift ideas? Share them in the comments section below!

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