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Para Sa Akin, Always Panalo Si Mommy

We celebrate Mother’s Day once a year, but I think making mom feel special should be something we do every day. Now that I’m a mother myself, I totally get how challenging it is to raise little humans while also doing everything else – keeping the house together, working, etc. I’m lucky because I have my husband who helps me out, but my mom? She raised us single-handedly and that is something. That is why for me, always panalo si Mommy!

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More than treating mom for Mother’s Day, we try to make her feel special every day through little things. That’s the thing with moms… although we appreciate grand gestures and extravagant gifts, it’s the little things our children do or say that hits home.

I know my mom loves it when I cook with her. She loves it when I take the time to go grocery shopping with her then we head home to have a cooking session wherein she teaches me the dishes I grew up eating.

And I know my mom loves to dance. In fact, she teaches folk dance to high school students in the school she works in. (Weird nga because I have two left feet! Haha!)

Para pasayahin si Mommy, pagsamahin natin ang two loves niya: grocery shopping at dancing! Just like what Luis did for his Mommy Vilma.

Sa Puregold, always happy at always panalo si Mommy!

Ito na ang perfect Mother’s Day surprise para sa mommy mo–lalo na kung Vilmanian siya! I-upload mo na ang picture niya at gawin siyang star ng dance video with her idol Ate Vi! Para mas bongga ang surprise, i-share mo na rin ang dance video niya para sa chance na humakot ng up to P5000 worth of Puregold gift certificates! 20 winners nationwide ang pipiliin, sali na!

Ready ka na bang pasayahin si Mommy? Dance and win! You can make your own dance video for your mom by going to this link.

Here’s our own entry starring my Mommy Eileen:


Take note, this promo is until May 31, 2018 only kaya sali na!

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