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Azure Urban Resort: A Beach-style Staycation in the City

Since her first Boracay vacation in 2016, our daughter told us that she’d like to celebrate all her birthdays in Boracay. She’s a chill kind of gal so she steers away from grand parties and having to entertain guests. I understand because I’m the same way!

Azure Urban Resort Staycation |

When I turned 18, I asked to go on a trip to the United Kingdom instead of having the usual grand debut. My parents gave me my travel wish and threw in a car I can use for school as an additional surprise. I don’t regret choosing to travel on my own over a party because my trip to the UK opened so many doors for me. In fact, that trip paved the way for the business I have today. And the car? I used it throughout college until the early years of our marriage. Then when we sold it, we were able to purchase a new car and pay the downpayment of our lot. Way better than a one-time party, yeah?

So when our unica hija asked for an experience gift for her seventh birthday, we happily gave it to her. We weren’t able to bring her to Boracay since it’s closed at the moment, but we did take her on a beach-style staycation at Azure Urban Resort. The topping to her sweet surprise getaway? A new ukelele!

And she absolutely loved every bit of our celebration. My heart actually melted when, while I was playing with her and Caleb in the wave pool, she told me how happy she is that we spent her birthday with her. Just us. Fully present. There really is nothing more precious to our children than our time, you know what I mean?

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What We Love About Our Azure Urban Resort Staycation


It’s right smack in the middle of Metro Manila so you can easily go out and find some place to hang out in if you get bored. SM Bicutan is just a 2-minute drive from the resort or a quick 10-15 minute walk.

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Due to the traffic in the area, I suggest that you walk it if you need to buy something. Better yet, buy everything before your staycation so you don’t have to go through the hassle of leaving the condominium complex. Believe me, it’s best to stay in.


A man-made beach and a wave pool are two combinations kids love. While I’m not much of a pool person, I can say that the pools are good enough as a substitute if you can’t go to the beach.

Man-made beach at Azure Urban Resort |

They also have a bar in the middle of the two pools where I hung out most of the time. It’s the perfect spot for me because it’s cool, they serve yummy food and drinks, and I can see both pools from there so I know where the minis are at.

Have fun at the wave pool in Azure Urban Resort |


We book a two-bedroom unit in Positano Tower for our family of five and a studio unit in Rio Tower for my mom and sister. Although the two-bedroom unit is a bit bare, it is spacious and has everything we needed for our stay. Comfortable beds, a couch, a dining table, a bathroom with hot and cold shower, and a fully functional kitchen complete with pots, pans, plates, and utensils.

If I were to stay here again, I’d look into booking a ground floor unit as it’s more accessible. They have their own car parks and a gate going to the pool area. Our unit was on the 12th floor so we had to go down then go around the building to get to the pool area. It’s not too much of a hassle, but it’s not easy when you have three small children.


It’s quite affordable actually. We paid a little over 9k for a four-day stay in a two-bedroom unit. This already includes four free pool passes for three days. Not bad!

What Can Be Improved


You know, I appreciate the extent of security measures the resort take, but the measures are a bit of a hassle. It’s not family-friendly at all with all the steps you have to go through.

If you’re going to stay here, allow me to give you an overview of the check-in process so you don’t have to go back and forth.

Before you go to Azure Urban Resort:

  1. Note that Azure only allows up to 4 guests in studio rooms and up to 6 guests in 2-bedroom units. Infants are included in the head count, fyi.
  2. Ask your host to check you in online already so you don’t have to go through the line outside. Believe me, you don’t want to line up there. It can take up to an hour. Thankfully, our host checked us in already.
  3. Print all the documents you need beforehand. This includes your AirBNB confirmation, the Guest Advise Form (from your host), and copies of all guests’ valid IDs.

Upon arrival:

  1. If your host already did the web check-in, you can head straight to your tower already.
  2. If you have a car, park it in front of the tower first then bring all guests to the tower’s concierge. You will need to surrender all your IDs there in exchange of the guest passes.
  3. Once you have your guest passes, guests can head to their unit already while the driver can go to the tent right in front of the towers to get a parking stub. Note that the driver needs to leave a government ID.

If you want to use the amenities:

  1. Each studio unit has two free passes per day, while two-bedroom units have four free passes per day. An extra pass costs Php 250. You need to go to the ticket booth to claim your passes. Note that the line tends to get quite long so try to go there early.
  2. Each pass is only good for half-day access. The pool area opens in the morning then in the afternoon. You can use your free pass once per day only. If you want to hang out there the whole day, then you’ll have to pay for your second entry.

Will we go back?

It depends, really. If we have the option to go to an actual beach, then we’ll take that more than an Azure Urban Resort staycation. Nothing really beats Mother Nature. But, if we can’t leave the city, then we’d definitely book another staycation here.

Family staycation at Azure Urban Resort |

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