We’re almost there…

It’s the 5th of December already! I can’t believe we are just ten days away from welcoming our little man into this world. Who would have thought that six months ago, I was on a hospital bed crying at the thought of possibly losing my baby.

Thank God we made it through and we are almost there!

I just had my second-to-the-last check up with my OB-Gyne last weekend and we finally chose a date for my C-section — December 15. We have the option to choose Christmas day, that would be really awesome, but then Daddy A is on duty during the holidays and he doesn’t want to be away during The Little Man’s birthday. And so we chose the 15th, the earliest day possible for my delivery.

We usually do our Christmas shopping and preparations the weekend before Christmas. But since The Little Man is coming out the week before Christmas, we decided to do it earlier. Last weekend, we already brought The Princess to the mall to buy her holiday clothes and gifts. We also took the chance to have her first hair cut with a professional.

Mom On Duty
Cuts 4 Tots, P295

I was surprised at how behaved she was throughout the cut. She didn’t move a muscle, even when the hairdresser was trimming her bangs.

Mom On Duty

The Princess just loves her new hairdo! She keeps asking me to take pictures of her even days after her cut. It’s also really funny that she’d flip her hair or turn around like a princess every time someone visits us just so they’d notice her new style. Then she’d smile, all her teeth showing, when they say how beautiful she looks.

This little girl is such a joy to us, which is why we can’t wait ’til our little man comes out and doubles the fun in our house. I’m sure he has a few funny antics under his little sleeves; just like his big sister.

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