Balik Akademya 2014

PNPA Alumni Homecoming 2014 Last Wednesday marked the start of the Philippine National Police Academy’s Alumni Homecoming in which Arjay’s class, Kaisang Bisig 2009, were one of the host classes. Balik Akademya is a yearly event wherein thousands of Lakans and Lakambinis from all over the Philippines head back to their alma mater for a grand get together. We weren’t able to attend the first three days of the homecoming due to work commitments, but we were able to attend the events last Saturday. PNPA Alumni Homecoming 2014 PNPA Alumni Homecoming 2014 Perhaps one of the highlights of the day for the minis – especially for The Princess – was the Silent Drill. She clapped her hands and jump with so much enthusiasm after every “exhibition.” She also marched along the beating drums and even found a playmate who she convinced to march with her. 😀 PNPA Alumni Homecoming 2014

PNPA Alumni Homecoming 2014
That’s our skirt-less little girl who removed her skirt because it made marching difficult for her.

We didn’t stay to watch the Slow Drill, which is the first and only in Asia (watch them if you have a chance!), because it was extremely hot so we decided to go back to the assigned classroom for class 2009. PNPA Alumni Homecoming 2014 While Daddy A was busy catching up with his classmates, the minis made themselves busy by talking to and playing with everyone in the room. Haha! Everyone were so amazed at how bibbo the minis are. I was actually surprised too because they are not very sociable in other events we attend. I guess they felt at home with the 2009 family? Come evening, the program for the host classes began. Entertainment was provided by bands from the different bureaus — PNP, BFP and BJMP. The Princess really enjoyed the battle of the bands. She grooved with the music and clapped her hands every time each band finished a song. After dinner, the minis were so energized that they started running around the field. It was like a huge playground for them and the other kids! We let them run all they want so by 9 in the evening, the minis themselves asked us to bring them home. :)) It’s a good thing the wife of Arjay’s classmate told us that the transient house they’re staying in has a vacant room. It is right across PNPA so we didn’t have to drive around Sta. Rosa and Tagaytay — late at night — to look for a hotel. [NTS: Book a hotel weeks before the homecoming!]

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We wanted to pass by PNPA again the next morning, but the minis were getting fussy already so we drove to Nuvali to take them on a quick boat ride. Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna It definitely turned their mood around! After our boat ride, we headed to Crisostomo for a scrumptious Filipino breakfast. Unfortunately, we were so hungry that we dug into our plates before taking photos of the food. I will most definitely not pass as a food blogger. Haha! Crisostomo Nuvali Sta. Rosa Laguna That’s the only photo of me from our whole trip. Thanks a lot, Arjay. 😐 We planned to bring the minis to Enchanted Kingdom after breakfast, but then they fell asleep in the car so we just drove home. Maybe next time.

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  1. Serene Shikukeza

    Ang cute cute ni C at yung ngippiiiiinnn! Hehe! Si Kelly naman ang kulit at skirtless na! Hahahaha!

    1. Kim Reyes

      Kahit ako gigil na gigil sa ngipin ni Caleb! Hahaha. Naku si Kelly feel at home sa kampo, talagang hubad. Sa classroom pati sapatos tinanggal na!

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