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16 Freelance Services Stay-At-Home Moms Can Offer

If you're a SAHM looking for a side hustle, here are 16 ideas you can try!

Are you a working mom wanting to quit your day job so you can spend more time with your family? Or maybe you’re already a stay-at-home mom (high five!) who wants a side hustle so you can add extra income to your family’s budget?

If you have the skill set, I say go for it! Turn your skills and passion into a profitable business! There’s nothing wrong to want to have more time for your family. There’s nothing wrong to want to earn extra income. There’s nothing wrong to want to do things outside of being a mom and wife.

I wanted all these things and just going for it made me a happier mommy! I got to turn my skills into a profitable business, take control of my time, and earn for my family–without leaving our home, or sacrificing time for my children. And you can do it too!

Now, I’m not talking about answering surveys for pennies. I’m talking about a real business that makes real money.

I earn money as a freelance writer and social media manager. I’ve always loved writing and interacting with people with the same interests, which is why I chose these two services when I started my online business.

Would you like to do the same thing? Here are 16 services you can offer as a stay-at-home mom:

1. Writing

Do you have a way with words? Then give freelance writing a shot! I landed my very first freelance gig in 2008 as a freelance writer for an e-commerce website where I wrote product descriptions for the client. I’ve always loved writing–mostly about my travel adventures–so I knew this is something I can do for a living.

Some websites you can check for writing gigs are:

Sometimes, big websites look for writers too. Watch your favorite websites closely for announcements so you can send over your application as soon as there’s an opening!

2. Social Media Management

Another growing need in the business community is for a Social Media Manager. Social media has become a key player in boosting a business’ presence online, but it can eat up a lot of time. Most businesses, therefore, hire someone who can manage their social media accounts for them. Tasks include creating engaging posts, scheduling posts and replying to queries.

Having knowledge about Insights and social media marketing is a plus if you want to get into this profession. I highly recommend reserving a seat in the online classes offered by Sandi Krakowski and Melyssa Griffin.

3. Virtual Assistance

If there’s one thing business owners want, it’s more time. More time to create new products, more time to network, more time for actually living. Hence, the birth of virtual assistance services. Virtual assistants run the back-office work for clients so clients can have time working on more important tasks. Tasks that will most likely be assigned once you’re hired as a VA are calendar management, answering emails/calls, and preparing travel itineraries among many others.

4. Graphic Design

Are you the bomb when it comes with design? You might want to try applying as a freelance graphic designer for companies and entrepreneurs who need help with their logo design, brochure, or business card. One place where I see awesome designers is in Fiverr.

Better yet, set up your own website where you can showcase your portfolio! The perfect example here is Fancy Girl Designs, who has helped numerous bloggers realize their blog brand vision.

5. Photography

If you have an eye for capturing moments or products, then freelance photography is perfect for you! Of course, unless you have your own studio at home, expect that you’ll need to work outside of the home. If that’s fine with you, then go try it!

6. Real Estate

I am not very good when it comes to sales, but if you are awesome at sales and are familiar with the real estate market, this is a very promising industry you can enter as a freelancer. Some moms work as agents, while others earn by managing their very own rental property.

7. Coaching

Are you an expert at something? Do you have a knack for encouraging people and motivating them so they’d find the right path for them either in their personal life or in their career? Then you can try offering coaching services. One known coaching service provider here in the Philippines is Make It Blissful, who helps women entrepreneurs and bloggers find bliss in their lives by practicing intentional living.

8. Website/Blog Management

Not all of us are techies – and that’s okay! However, if you know your way around codes and such, why not offer your help to those who need it? Just like Jennyfer Tan of The Techie Mom, who offers blog migration and website optimization services. Believe me, there’s a HUGE market out there looking for techie people who can help them out with their websites!

9. Hosting Workshops

If you have a wide network of experts in different fields, why not use that network and start offering workshops to those who want to learn certain skills? Ginger Arboleda, the General Manager of Manila Workshops, together with her team created an avenue for people who want to learn and aspire towards their career and personal goals.

10. Tutoring

My own mom is the perfect example for this. A teacher by profession, my mom started offering tutorial services as a side job. She would visit her students in their homes, or her students would go to our own home. If you are great with kids, this is something you should definitely try!

11. Bookkeeping

If you are an accountant by profession who’d like more control over your time, you should think about offering bookkeeping services to both foreign and local clients. I, for one, have hired two moms to do my bookkeeping for me. There are A LOT of local entrepreneurs who are seeking this service, fyi!

12. Selling Crafts

Are you good with crafting? I’m not! (LOL) But if you are, you might want to turn your hobby into a business, just like Marge Aberasturi of Crafted Crafts who turned her love for crocheting into a booming business. Have you seen her work? Just amazing.

13. V-logging

V-logging or ‘Video Blogging’ is, believe it or not, another way to earn money from home. There are numerous companies out there who are on the lookout for talents who can v-log for them. I saw in one freelancing forum a mom who earns by recording herself unbox toys. *dream job*

14. Write Your Own Ebook

Do you specialize on a certain topic? Share your knowledge about something you’re an expert on by writing about it and selling it as an e-book, just like what Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag does! She sells her books and programs about hands-on-parenting through her website.

15. Online Teaching

If you have experience in teaching, let me tell you that it is POSSIBLE to continue your work at home! With online schools like 51Talk, you can build your online teaching career from the comfort of your home. Isn’t that just brilliant?!

16. Food Services

Love to cook or bake? Turn your skill in the kitchen into a profitable business like Denise Rayala of Bebeng’s Kitchen. When Denise started her business, she sold her goods online. She then moved to selling her products in bazaars and later on went into consignment.

Kimberley Reyes

Kimberley Reyes is an Online Business Manager for entrepreneurs who are ready to get off the hamster wheel and step into their CEO shoes. On top of helping her clients get organized and scale their businesses, she is also happily busy raising her five kids with her firefighter husband.

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  1. Peachy A.

    These are great ideas to earn while being a stay at home mom. I am currently earning through writing and I do hope I can try out the other things.

  2. mrsEnerodiaries

    Someday I want to be a hand-on mom so I’m planning to be a freelancer. My choices are vblogging too and food services. Gotta learn how to bake.. teehee!

  3. Roselle

    This is a blessing to me. I am looking for work from home job and your suggestions are something that i can check and look forward too. Thank you for thia blog. Helpful to me and iam sureto others too.

  4. mumwrites (@vixquips)

    These are great ideas for stay at home mums to earn! At the moment, I am earning extra thanks to writing. I sure hope I can learn more skills soon to expand my resume and find more ways to earn a living while I stay at home.

  5. TweenselMom

    Great list and examples. When I started working online, I started with a very low rate. That was because I was a starter and needed to prove myself. You can’t just ask a higher rate if you’ve got nothing to prove. When I tell people how much I earn per hour, they easily looked down on me. And I just ignored them kasi even when you earn very low per hour, you actually earn a lot in the end if you will not look at yourself just like the way others do. My point is you start low and climb up. It’s hard work. I still accept low paying jobs sometimes pero I always make sure that I will get something out of it in the long run, the experience and the references. Kasi in the end, these will help me ask for higher rates.

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      When I started in 2008 (I was still a college student then), I charged low as well. I think that’s okay if you’re only starting out. It’s like an introductory offer to your clients.

  6. Rowena Wendy Lei

    I used to write for 5 magazines and do social media management all at the same time… I got burnt out and so I retired from magazine writing and I manage only my own social media accounts now.

  7. Dane

    Woooahh!! I hope I can switch from being a working mom to a wahm asap! More time for my kiddos and family! I wanna try being a VA too!

  8. May De Jesus-Palacpac

    I’m grateful for the internet, really. It gave me a fresh start in my career where the traditional industries are less open to. I was a musician for 17 years and was only doing writing and editing as a side job — in fact, I think as an ego booster lang nga. I would submit to magazines or publications or join contests for the joy of seeing them published or winning the prizes to make myself feel better about not being as successful as my batch mates in college who pursued corporate goals.

    When I finally realized the career was going nowhere, it was my writing I leaned on to so my first online job was as an academic writer for a research company.

    The Ebook business is my dream business. I hope that one day soon I can get down to writing my books.

  9. Kati Allan-Balayan

    Bookmarking this to add to WAH modd board. That is my goal for myself in 3 years so this is very helpful mommy 🙂 Working on it right now by taking freelance writing assignments.

  10. nhessie a.

    bookmarked this post! very helpful! thanks for sharing!

  11. Mabel Yu Atienza

    This is helpful, thank you! Will save this for reference hihi ^_^

  12. Maan Laxa

    Awesome list, Kim! I love that there’s so many opportunities for stay at home mums now. I myself am working from home, though not on a freelance basis.

  13. Berlin

    High five on stay-at-home moms! Ihihi. Thank you for the list of opportunities. I would love to check those sites for the online writing gig. Been wanting to somehow help as i could see husband so tired na. He even uses his Saturdays to teach so as to bring money for the kids’ education.

  14. coffee and beyond

    There’s just a lot of things to do at home now. Not like in the old days that when you stay home there’s no other work but house chores. Lol!

  15. Mary G Sanchez-Suycano

    I am a working mom who’s doing sidejobs while my husband is currently not working. I am selling online, marami pa akong bigas na kakainin when it comes to writing/blogging eh 🙂
    I admire you and all the amazing WAHMs!

  16. mhaan.a-ds

    Sahm here! Apart from blogging, I am also a freelance makeup artist. So far I am loving it! I get to spend more time with my little boy if I don’t have event nor makeup gig to attend. I would love to try freelance writing and social media management in the future.

  17. Thanks for sharing, before when I have a lot of time I used to buy and sell as my sideline. As much as I want to try some of your tips I don;t have a time. As of now I am on process of re designing my blog.

  18. Coi Ibanez

    I own a little business, dresses for kids to be more specific, now my problem is balancing being a stay-at-home mom and running the business. Right now, my business is kind of in a hiatus because I’m still trying to figure out on how I could balance the 2. But hopefully I will get back to it this month 🙂

  19. Chessy

    Now that I’m balancing being a stay-at-home mom with a side hustle, I see to it that I spend quality time with the kids. Doing work aside from just being a mommy did good for my sanity!

  20. Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Those were useful list… This is informative and really helpful.. Thanks for the heads up!

  21. Gracie Maulion

    Great list mommy! For sure many wives and moms are more inspired to try freelancing now.. thank you for sharing an informative posts. I will check out the sites you recommended for writing gigs. Freelancing is not that easy but its worth it.

    (My husband is a freelancer too (7 years) while I manage our small business)

  22. I tried Real Estate but it is not easy so I stopped, I realized na hindi ko pwede sa Sales kasi pag ayaw, di wag. hehehe! I’m not good in convincing client kung ayaw na. But I know some people na naging successful talaga dito. 🙂

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      I’m not good at sales too so I don’t think I’ll thrive in real estate. I’m more of a back-office gal so I offer admin services.

  23. thedreamermom

    I’m still a working mom, but it’s been years I’m wishing I’m a SAHM. Maybe if our family finances are stable then I’ll be able to leave my office work. haha. Thanks for your recommendations!

  24. Tina Perez

    being a TV writer for 20+ years, and now that I have shifted into freelance writing+ blogging, i am sometimes frustrated with the rate online writing is giving to writers. But i would still love to try writing for websites. can you give me an idea of how much do local/international websites give for online writers? TIA 🙂

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      Hi Tina, that’s one problem that freelancers are facing. Some are charging super low rates! My advice is to charge for the value you can offer – but never ever undercharge just because others are charging low. I can’t give an amount though because there really is no standard rate. It depends on you.

      1. Tina Perez

        oh….. thank you very much for the reply. kasi from tv scripting and live events, at least we have standard rates. so at least we can adjust depende sa client. online writing is a whole new world for me 🙂

  25. Teresa Dumadag

    Thanks for mentioning me in your post, Kim! 🙂 Sharing this also in my H.O.P.E. FB Page. 🙂

  26. Neri Ann

    I always want to pursue selling my crochet crafts, but no time talaga. Gusto ko nga magtayo ng souvenir shops na handmade tapos mga invitation cards kasi I have a background on Photoshop. 🙁 I also like the vlogging though nagtry ako magupload sa Youtube pero super fail dahil sa slow connection. Gusto ko din ung unboxing ng toys. Dame ko nakikitang kumikita sa ads nun. Natry ko na ding magvirtual assistant pero ang hirap makakuha ng stable na employer. I also want to be a work at home mom, but we still have mortgage so baka hindi pa kayanin and I don’t have the guts pa. 🙁

    1. Kimberley Reyes

      It really takes guts to shift from a stable-income job to working from home / entrepreneurship. The shift is also super challenging since you need to be extra dedicated to your work if you want to excel. But then again, difficulties aside, it’s very rewarding to be able to earn from home and really be around the family. (I do understand where you’re coming from – it’s just logical to stay where you are if you feel that’s the best way to pay for the bills.)

    2. Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

      Join ako sa invitation venture haha. I used to accept orders for invitations. When my second child came along though, it was harder to meet deadlines while taking care of both. Maybe when the kids are a bit older, I’d find time again.

      1. Kimberley Reyes

        My two kids are just one year apart so I get what you mean! When they were both 1 y/o and below, working from home was a struggle! But rest assured, you’ll get over that phase. Lol! Ang sinasabi ko nga palagi, “Nakaraos din!” Well, unless masundan pa ulit! 😀

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