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Getting Back In Shape + Why I #LoveSNR

Okay, I’m going to be honest. I haven’t been very active in the last couple of months. Although I try to keep all our meals healthy (read: home-cooked), I gained weight because while our meals our healthy, my portions aren’t. Haha! I obviously love to eat. And because I love to eat, I’m understand that I need to exercise.

Thankfully, the new place we moved into has gym amenities and a pool. A POOL! If there’s one exercise that I’ll do without complaints, that would be swimming. Well, that and yoga. These two exercises are perfect for me because they’re not as strenuous as other routines. You see, I’ve had two C-sections already and although it’s been almost three years since my last one, I feel like my body isn’t as strong as it used to be.

Now that we’ve moved, I’ve committed to getting back in shape by combining healthy eating and regular exercise. Our new place is right across our office building so I walk instead of taking the car. In the afternoon, I take a swim with the minis.

I’d like to make use of the gym amenities to practice yoga and try to do pilates again, but I haven’t had the chance to buy a new yoga mat.

Lucky me because I heard S&R is currently having the September Healthy Deals featuring health, wellness and fitness products! I love sales so I’m definitely heading to S&R BGC today to buy myself a yoga mat. I might just throw in metal bases into my cart as well so I can give planking a try. I heard it’s the road to beautiful abs. LOL!

Fitness Athletics by SNR

I love taking a nice long bath after my workouts and I believe that a bath won’t be complete without spa-like towels. Here are some I’d be grabbing from S&R today:


Ang mura ha! Baka mag-hoard ako mamaya. #gottahaveselfcontrol

If you don’t have the time to go out for a run, check out the Walk Fit Treadmill at S&R:


They also have a bench press for sale. Something I’m thinking of getting because Arjay said there’s no bench press in our gym:


Daddy A is celebrating his birthday in November so why not?!

With all these amazing deals, you just gotta #loveSNR! I’ve got a good feeling I won’t be coming home with just these fitness equipment after my trip there today…

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