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Stay Cool with S&R Summer Treats

This summer is unbelievably hot, isn’t it? That’s why we’ve been very creative in keeping ourselves cool so we don’t end up swimming in our own sweat! One way we’re beating the heat is by stocking up on refreshing food and drinks.

I dropped by S&R Nuvali today for my bi-weekly grocery shopping and found some really refreshing items that are perfect for this summer, like the Melona Ice Bar (PHP 189.95). Melona, Korea’s #1 ice cream, has a range of fruity ice cream flavors. You can find this at S&R in Melon and Strawberry flavors. Yum!

Melona Ice Bar at S&R

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Lemonade and Iced Tea being my two favorite drinks this summer, I was super happy to see the 1 Gallon Arizona Half & Half Ice Tea Lemonade at just PHP 169.95 and the Lipton Lemon Tea (38 qt) at only PHP 399.95.

Iced Tea and Lemonade Heaven at S&R!

But what I love most about S&R is not only do they carry food items that I don’t usually see in other grocery stores priced at unbelievably discounted rates, but they also carry other home and living products as well as other knick knacks that we need, such as art kits for the kids or tools for the garage. (You gotta #LoveSNR for this!!!)

That’s why I often go to S&R not just to restock our pantry but also to scout for items we need around the house. In my last visit, I saw something that I want to buy when we move to our final home, the Sonoma Hard Top Gazebo. Sayang because if we buy it now, we can get it at PHP 10,000 off! But, since we’re still living in our condo, this will have to wait.

For the garden!

I shall buy you very soon, Sonoma Hard Top Gazebo! 😀 😀 😀

If you aren’t an S&R member yet, I highly recommend that you apply for membership already. You cannot miss out on all their deals!!! Don’t worry because it’s super easy to apply. When I applied for my Gold Membership, I just went to S&R Nuvali with two valid IDs (I used my driver’s license and TIN card), filled out their application form and paid for the membership fee, which is only PHP 700. They then printed out my card and I was able to shop right away! If you want to get a card for your spouse, you can just apply for an extension card for just PHP 400.

For more information on S&R, go to If you’re already a member (or if you’re just curious to see what S&R has to offer to their members), follow their Facebook page so you know what the latest deals and offers are.

Happy shopping!

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