My Syphon Coffee Workshop Experience at Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy

Who here loves coffee? I’m a coffee lover, but I never really thought about making my own coffee. Funny, isn’t it? I usually just go to my favorite cafes and order my favorite brews from them. It was only recently that I decided to try learning how to brew my own cup so my husband and I can enjoy cafe-style coffee at home. Since one of our favorites is the syphon-brewed coffee of Lido, I signed up for Cooko Culinary and Barista Academy’s Syphon Coffee Workshop.



Whipped: Now Available for Party Bookings

Who here loves pancakes? Classic pancakes are great, but wait until you try poffertjes. Poffertjes have been a hit in our home ever since my sister made us try her latest offering at Whipped, her dessert business offering poffertjes and cheesecakes in a jar. What are poffertjes, you ask? These…


Marco Polo Ortigas

Last weekend, Marco Polo Ortigas, Forbes Travel Guide 2017 Five Star award winner, invited my family and I to a luxurious staycation perfect for families looking for a weekend of relaxation and bonding. As you may have noticed, our family loves staycations. We've heard so many good things about Marco Polo…